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Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Resort Airline Check-in, Just Another Magical Disney Service

Don’t want to schlep your luggage to the airport after a magical Walt Disney World vacation?  Want to have that same magical handling of your luggage at the end of your trip as you do at the beginning?  Well, Disney can make that happen with Resort Airline Check-in.

It took us several trips before stumbling upon Resort Airline Check-in.  I think it was more about the timing of our return flights—very early morning—rather than not knowing about the service.  But when we did experience it for the first time, we have used it ever since.

Resort Airline Check-in allows guests leaving the Walt Disney World Resort the opportunity to check in for the flights and check in any luggage right at the resort.  Resort Airline Check-in is handled in various locations in different resort.  For example, at Port Orleans French Quarter, there is a space in the lobby that includes the kiosks for airline check-in and scales to weight checked bags, etc.  But at Coronado Springs, Resort Airline is handled near luggage services.  So, check with your resort for the actual location.

On our return day, we make arrangements for Bell Services to pick us up at our room, along with our bags.  The service is free, but do expect to tip.  We know Disney’s Magical Express return times are 3 hours prior to flight departure, so we plan accordingly considering time to check our bags for our flight, eat breakfast, etc.

At the Resort Airline Check-in counter, be prepared to show identification, just as you would at the airport.  You will be checked in for your flights, be able to check in any luggage and pay luggage fees if applicable (sometimes those fees are a few dollars less than you would pay at the airport), get boarding passes printed and off you go.  No taking luggage with you to the airport, other than personal items and carry-on bags.  The next time you see your luggage will be at your final destination.  Cool, huh?

Know that there are certain airlines that are able to utilize Resort Airline Check-in, so be sure to check if your airline qualifies for this service.

Before making flight reservations for our next trip, I called the resort and asked about the times for Resort Airline Check-in.  I was told that it started at 5:00 am.  Knowing Disney’s Magical Express 3 hour pick-up window meant that flights departing prior to 8:00 am would not allow for the use of Resort Airline Check-in.  Since our flight is scheduled to depart after 11:00 am, I know that we can still use Resort Airline Check-in prior to our flight even with an 8:00 am Magical Express pick-up.

I overheard a first time visitor back from their trip telling someone how Disney magically handles luggage both on the way to the Walt Disney World Resort and the return trip. . . all for free!  It is services like this that keep us going back.

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