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Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar At Disney Springs

NOTE:  A guest writer, the husband, wrote the majority of this post!

December 31 of 2017, the Williams Family made a historic sojourn to Jock Lindsey's HANGER bar, located at Disney Springs. For the Boy and I this has been on our Disney Bucket List place to visit. My lovely Wife with her near infinite resources made it happen. Actually we had plenty of time to use before our dinner at the Boathouse.
Excuse me, I hear a couple of readers wondering what the significance of the HANGER Bar is to the boy and I.  Jock Lindsey is the pilot who whisked Indiana Jones to safety in the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark. One of our favorite movies. Even though Jock has less than a minute of screen time an important fact is revealed about Indy. As Jock and Indy are flying off our rough and tough archaeologist finds he is sharing his seat with Jock's pet boa constrictor Reggie. Indiana Jones hates snakes and this becomes evident in all his films.

Click here to see the 2 minute clip of the movie that includes Jock and Reggie!
The origin of the HANGER Bar comes from some Disney Imagineers. They expanded the role and history of Jock. At some point in Jock's life he quit being a pilot and converted his hanger into a bar. The walls inside adorn Jock's history and adventures. You see what Jock's life was like along with various archeological specimens brought in by you know who. Look around and you may see a certain gold idol from Peru.

A scavenged diving bell turns into a private booth for guests.

The actual bar is small but very well stocked. Plenty of tables and booths. When business booms there is an overflow area outside overlooking the water. The structure is a quaint homage to blue collar adventurers of the 30s and 40s.

The menu is designed to look like a pilot's log book with stories and pictures of Jock's adventures.  Guest can select from the appetizers and beverages--which are the only things Jock's sells.

Here's the "Cool-Headed Money"--the wife's beverage.

The boy had the "antidote" from this menu page.

Check out the propeller used as a ceiling fan.  Did you know Reggie's cage is in the rafters, too?  Only dedicated Indian Jones fans will know who Reggie is.

Cool-headed Monkey

Beverage 1

The Wife and I had some adult beverages. I had a beer and Reggie's Revenge. A liquor whiskey combo with lime juice. The Wife had a rum concoction called Chilled Monkey Brain. The Boy, a teenager, had  "the antidote"--a non-adult beverage.. Jock's has a nice selection of appetizers. I split a mountain of cheesy beef nachos with the Wife and the Boy ate some burger sliders.
The boy's sliders

Beverage 2

The boy and I made it outside to check out the deck and found a two-way radio.  He had a conversation with someone in Tibet.

Jock Lindsey's HANGER Bar may not be everyone's cup of tea but it is definitely my glass of frosty brew. The Williams Family shall return to the HANGER Bar.
I'm taking over from here . . 

The Hangar Bar does not have an age limit to be inside, at least while we were there which was late in the afternoon.  Obviously, only those of age can order/consume the adult beverages.  Anyone is welcome to order food and there were fun non-adult beverages on the menu.  Prices were a little inflated.  We paid $65 for three drinks and two appetizers and with the tip, we were closer to $80.  Compare that to a dinner at The Boathouse with three entrees and one appetizer for $100 including tip.

Hours vary.  The day we were there, it opened at 3:00 pm, but some days it opens at noon.  Check MyDisneyExperience or the Walt Disney World website to confirm the hours.

There is no live entertainment due to space.  At the same time, there's a great location just outside the Hangar Bar for live entertainment and there was a group playing the night we were there.

The Landing boat dock is right beside Jock's, too.  So if you are on the West Side or Marketplace and want to visit Jock's, taking the boat launch is an option.  After our dinner at The Boathouse, not too far from Jock's, we used the boat to get us to the West Side as the pier was right in from of LaNouba's theater location, which was our destination.

Bathrooms are located right inside Jock's, just to the right.  Be SURE to check them out as the theming is incredible!

Click here to go to the official Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar site.

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