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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Getting To and From Walt Disney World OR How to Use Disney's Magical Express

If you have booked a Walt Disney World Resort vacation, chances are you already have or will be receiving an envelope with all of your information. If you have provided the Walt Disney World Resort with your flight information, you will receive your tickets for Disney's Magical Express, free round-trip bus transportation from Orlando International Airport to and from the Walt Disney World Resort. Here's how to use Disney's Magical Express:

Upon arrival at Orlando International Airport, take a ride on the tram from your gate to the main terminal. You will be on Level 3 at the main terminal. Make your way to side "B" and take an elevator or escalator to Level 1. Follow the signs to the end of the building to Disney's Magical Express counter. Check in with any agent using the mailed packet of information. Upon check-in, you will be assigned to a specific queue for your resort hotel.

Upon entering the queue for your specific resort, there may be a bit of a wait. . . not too long, but it could be 20-30 minutes.

Ah, there's the bus. You will be directed from the queue to load the bus. Keep your paperwork handy as you will need your Magical Express tickets to load the bus.
Checking the paperwork and getting on the bus. If you have any larger carry on luggage or strollers, they can be stored under the bus.
Ah,we are on the bus for the 35-45 minute ride to the Walt Disney World Resort. It is a wonderful site to see the purple archway! Informational movies are played on the way to the resort. The shows explain check-in procedures and how to make your stay even more magical. They feature the Disney characters and are kind of funny. The boy likes to get a seat with a good view of a monitor. Each bus also has a bathroom.

Here we are at our resort--Port Orleans Riverside. Know that each Magical Express bus stops at more than one resort to drop off guests. We just happen to be the first stop on this Magical Express route.

And, remember the magical luggage! When you put the colorful tags on your luggage before checking them at the airport, there is no need to claim them at Orlando International. The next time you see your bags, they will be inside your resort hotel. It may take up to 4 hours for your bags to arrive in your room, so plan accordingly. Also, luggage service is only available until 10:00 pm, so if your flight is arriving late, plan to gather all of your luggage before heading to Disney's Magical Express counter.

Have a magical time!

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