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Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Disney Moms Panel Applicaton Successfuly Submitted!

Once again I have dipped my toe into the Disney Moms Panel pool.  Applications for the coveted Disney Moms Panel went live on Sept. 2, and my application has been successfully submitted.  The end goal:  Being selected and being able to serve as a Disney Mom and help others plan their magical Disney vacations!

Before I even opened the on-line application, I knew the “specialty” I was going to select—Disney Cruise Line.  There are other choices and Walt Disney World was a close second.

The application consisted of a series of questions—mostly essay.  Some of the questions were fun and involved knowing a bit of Disney and Disney Cruise Line trivia.  I couldn’t help but smile while I typed.

Other questions were more straightforward—which Disney ships have you sailed on?  Which itineraries?  Which ports?  The facts and just the facts—all ships, various itineraries, and most sailings out of Port Canaveral—though we did sail from the Port of Los Angeles once.

Another questions asked about dining preference given all dining options on Disney Cruise Line.  The word limit was 23.5 words.  My answer took 23 words!  I’m not going to reveal my answer, as that might constitute cheating.  But, I will say that it involved ease, selection, and view.

The best question. . . and the hardest, was to pretend that I was already on the Disney Moms Panel and respond to a fictitious, although realistic, question from a future Disney cruise guest.  Again, there was a word limit.  If memory serves, I was 2 words under the limit.

What surprised me was the photo submission.  It was tricky as the photo had to be in a specific format (gif, jpg, etc.) and most of my photos were jpeg—which was the wrong format.  I did finally find and submit a photo but my choices were limited due to the format requirement. 

New this year was the “verification page.”  After submission, the message was that I would receive an email verifying submission/receipt of the application.  But also there was a link to confirm or verify submission.  I clicked on the link and sure enough, it had my name and state and said that my application had been submitted.  Good thing, as I have yet to receive the email—even in my “junk/spam” folder. 

Now the tough part—waiting.  In a conversation with the husband, I have an estimate as to when I might hear, based in previous years’ application processes. 

In the meantime, my fingers are crossed for all who applied, including a frequent Williams Family Blog reader!


  1. With absolute admiration, I must say that if you do not get picked, I think it is because: Of your own initiative, you are already an exemplary advocate for Disney. Disney may feel that to throw in Mom's panel may lessen the time/amount of your distinct and helpful Disney Voice already on social media. Some pixie dust for you... you sure know a great deal!

  2. (Same 'anonomous', as previous comment, a first-time-found blog reader here) In fact, as I peruse your blog and have so many of my questions answered before I know enough to ask them... I also want to say that your "Disney-style" is exactly what I'd want in my ideal travel agent!

    1. I am humbled. Thank you! Your words touched my heart. You pinpointed exactly why I write and my goal is to anticipate reader's questions so the feedback is appreciated. And, thank you for reading!

  3. I hope you apply for the WDW panel next year! I know you love the cruise line, but I've since learned from going through the process that there are WAY more positions open for that specialty. Tomorrow is the big day for us finalists and rumor has it there is only ONE position open for DLR - eeek. It's been an amazing journey regardless :)