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Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Friday, September 5, 2014

The Rainforest Room--Our Afternoon of Relaxation!

Spa.  Just the word conjures feelings of relaxation, tranquility, and being pampered.  And, the Senses Spa and Salon on the Disney Fantasy offers all of that to guests and more.  The Senses Spa and Salon is located on Deck 11 Forward on the Disney Fantasy and takes up nearly a third of an entire deck.

Our mission was to give the Rainforest Room, which is a part of the spa, a try.  I already knew what the Rainforest Room had to offer due to a spa tour on a previous cruise—click here to read about the spa tour.

While passes for the Rainforest Room for the length of the cruise are available for purchase on the ship, we pre-paid for one-day passes.  I found the ordering information under “Planning Center” on the Disney Cruise Line web-site and the link to “In-Room Gifts & Shopping”—here’s the link.  I could either print and fax the order form or I could call and make the purchase over the phone.  I called.

What was interesting about the call was that I had to have my confirmation number.  I asked the courteous voice on the other end of the phone that if this was a way for people to order gifts for other guests then it might be likely that they would not have access to a confirmation number—such as for a wedding, honeymoon, or anniversary.  She indicated that I was right and that she would have then looked up the confirmation number.  Good to know.

The phone transaction to order 2 one-day passes for $17 each went smoothly.  We were told that there would be a voucher waiting for us in our stateroom, which was accurate.  I did print off the confirmation email and brought it with us just in case.

We then determined which day we would use our Rainforest Room passes.  We knew that days at sea were pretty busy for the spa, so a day in port might be better.  Since we did not go ashore on the Grand Cayman day, that became our designated day. 

We arrived in the spa after lunch, wearing swimsuits, with our voucher in hand.  We were given green bracelets in exchange for our Key to the World Cards and told that we could return to the Rainforest Room as much as we liked that day, we just needed to return the bracelets for our Key to the World Card and then come back again anytime that same day.

The Cast Member at the spa check-in desk gave us a brief tour pointing out the bathroom/changing rooms, which are across the hall from the Rainforest Room, and directing us to the Rainforest Room as well.

Since we already had on swimsuits, which are required in the Rainforest Room, we headed in and started making use of the facilities. 

First stop, the various showers that feature scents, sounds, and varying water temperatures and water sprays.  The husband had a great time trying all of them! 

Three different types of sauna/steam rooms are also available.

My favorite, and what I was longing for, were the heated benches that also featured a view.  I grabbed a towel and settled in for my “nap” of sorts.  The husband also took advantage of the heated bench.

I don’t know how much later as I had lost track of time, I headed out to the therapeutic hot tubs on the open deck.  There are two, so we picked one to relax in.  These are not your typical hot tub as the bottom is a metal seat that is contoured to your body.

The Rainforest Room also offers flavored water, towels, and robes for guest use.

Will we do this again?  Definitely!  Next time, we might decide to change into swimsuits in the bathrooms/changing rooms and take advantage of the showers and products before returning to our stateroom to get cleaned up.  And, now that we know a one-day pass does not mean a one-time pass, but access for an entire day, we could plan accordingly and visit longer or more often during that day.

The price was right, too!  Having spent almost the same amount of money for 2 one-day passes to the Rainforest Room as we did for the boy’s Pirates League experience—click here to read more, we certainly got more bang for our buck with the Rainforest Room;  an entire afternoon (and it could have been more) compared to 15 minutes!

I am also glad we visited on a day when we were the only ones using the facility as there is a limit to the number of guests who can be there at one time.  And, we got to take pictures!

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  1. Great summary of the Rainforest Room and thank you for including the detailed pictures too! We loved our time in the Rainforest Room aboard the Disney Fantasy, but one thing we learned in prepping for the Disney Cruise was to make sure book your single day pass for the Rainforest Room ahead of time because they sell out!