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Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Touring Senses Spa on the Disney Dream

 During our first afternoon on board the Disney Dream, I decided to take at tour of the Senses Spa and Salon on Deck 11 Forward.  The husband and boy went to a port shopping session where the boy scored a free bag while I was scouting out the spa for photos, information, and an opportunity to enter my name in a drawing for prizes--must be present to win.

After walking in and being greeting by the friendly Cast Members, I was first struck by the smell.  Ah, what a relaxing aroma.  Since the tour was more of an "open house" each group of people that walked in were greeted and then taken in small groups throughout the facility.

A portion of the spa and salon is dedicated to men--shave and a haircut, but definitely more than two bits.

 Want to brighten your smile?  Teeth whitening is available.  Basically, you could come on a Disney Cruise, spend your time (and money) in the spa, and come out a different person--hair, teeth, nails, skin, even your cellulite can be  minimized--if you have any of course.

 This is the manicure/pedicure section of the spa and salon.  There was a guest getting their nails done but the view could have been better while out to sea or in a tropical port of call.  The pedicure chairs also face the window.

 There are signs posted at the various stations featuring the treatments and their costs.  Don't worry about the candles, they are flameless--as open flames are not allowed on ships.
 A portion of the spa on the Disney Dream is dedicated to younger cruisers--the Chill Spa for youth meaning under 18.

 The fitness center is also a part of the spa.  Guests 18 and older can use the fitness center any time it is open for no charge.  Special classes that are offered may have an additional fee.

This is where the drawing for great door prizes was held and there is a ritual for the drawing that really means you must be present to win.  I am waiting to enter and win next time!

 I was very curious about the Rainforest room with the various showers, shown above, and the lounges shown below.  I got to try one of those lounge chairs--they are heated, contoured to your body, and even though they look like they would be hard, my body instantly melted to the contour and relaxed.  The tour went on but I was a bit behind as I lingered here for a few moments.  If I had one of these lounges at home I would be warm and relaxed all winter.  (This is something I am hoping the husband reads!)
 A hot tub/spa is also a part of the Rainforest Room.  As I understand, only a certain number of passes to the Rainforest Room are sold each cruise and the passes entitle the holders to use the Rainforest Room as often as they like throughout the duration of their cruise.
 Various massage rooms, all with windows facing the outside, are a part of the spa.  There are single and double "treatment" rooms some of which we couldn't see as they were being used.

 Interested in a Couples Treatment?  Special treatments include massages, special soaks for your feet, complete with rose petals.

 And of course, some hot tub/spa time, along with relaxing on a double chaise lounge on your own private balcony with tea or champagne and chocolate covered fruit.

 One thing I had heard about and read about were the "dressing" rooms or bathrooms in the spa and how the showers were much larger than the staterooms showers and that guests could use these facilities at any time.  So, I wanted to check it out.  There were lockers available to store gear, 3-4 showers, towels, toiletries, and  hairdryers.  And, yes, guests can access this area regardless of whether or not they are having a spa treatment just like accessing the fitness center.

 The Senses Spa and Salon is certainly relaxing and potentially rejuvenating.  After I got over sticker shock, I began to hear some of the embarkation day specials--book now and get so much off the treatment.

I also eye-spied the "secret" staircase that goes between the Concierge level rooms on Deck 12 and ends in the middle of the Spa--giving Concierge level guests the opportunity to whisk themselves into the spa without having to go through any "public" parts of the ship.

While I'm not ready to reserve my spa treatment just yet, I was glad that I took some time during our first afternoon on board the ship to tour the spa, salon, and fitness center and highly recommend the same to other Disney cruisers.


  1. Whenever we cruise my mother and I always go for some kind of special at the spa :)
    It's our 'girly' time :)

  2. Glad to hear that there is something relaxing at Disney for the adults! Thanks for the review.