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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Adults Only Areas on the Disney Dream

Why would I take a Disney cruise, I don’t have kids?” or “A Disney cruise will be full of kids” are comments we hear from people with and without kids who have not yet experienced a Disney cruise.  Our response, “no worries” as Disney Cruise Line has thought of almost everything to make sailing pleasurable for guests of any age.  Hence, the “adults only” portions of the ship.

In addition to Senses Spa and Salon—click here to read more, adults have a lovely part of Deck 11 on the Disney Dream all to themselves.  This oasis includes a pool, hot tub/spa, its own bar, and the Cove Café.  Often, live musicians are featured in this area or DJ’s mixing songs for the adult only set.  Adults taking advantage of this part of the ship will notice that the deck chairs are cushioned and there is more shade—to enjoy the view from the ship and a good book.

While the Quiet Cove pool on Deck 11 is for adults only, know that children do make their way through the area either on Deck 11 or Deck 12 to get to other parts of the ship.  For example, our son has walked through the area numerous times as it was easier to get to our stateroom using the forward elevators located adjacent to the Quiet Cove pool.  He knew this was the adult area and never asked to swim in the pool, but walked through quietly. 

Deck 4 on the Disney Dream is the home of another adults only area—The District—which includes several themed areas for adults.  Evolution is the largest and provides a dance floor, stage for live entertainment and shows.  Pink is the lovely champagne themed area that makes you feel like you are inside a bottle of pink champagne. I felt like Jeannie from the show I Dream of Jeannie (showing my age there!).  We spent more time in this area of the ship on our cruise in December than we ever had.  Not necessarily to drink, but to participate in various activities.

The adults only restriction is for after 9:00 pm as again, children may pass through to get to other portions of the ship.  The boy also got to see The District when we took a walking tour of the ship with Cast Members on embarkation day. 

We also discovered that snacks are served in The District throughout the day. Hungry for some nacho chips or chicken wings?  You will find them here.  We filled cups of our favorite soda on Deck 11 and brought them with us to various events in The District with no problem.

It actually took us until our 2nd or 3rd cruise to take advantage of the adult only areas on the ship.  We were traveling with a youngster.  But it was actually the boy who started to suggest that we give those areas a try while he was in the club.  We would be watching a television commercial of Disney Cruise Line or a Travel Channel show that would highlight the adult only areas of the ship and he would pipe in that we needed to go and enjoy.

One of the things Disney Cruise Line does the best is to cater to guests in all age groups.  The adult only areas on the ships is one example of how guests traveling without children or even traveling with children who need some childless time, can find fun and tranquility on the sea.

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