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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Goofy's Sports Deck on the Disney Dream

Deck 13 Aft of the Disney Dream is a spot for active families and sports enthusiasts and aptly named Goofy’s Sports Deck.  Guests can find miniature golf, Goofy style of course.  There is also a basketball court that can easily be transformed into a volleyball court.  And this is also where the digital sports simulators are located.

Guests can get to Deck 13 by taking the aft elevators or the midship elevators to Deck 12 and then stairs to Deck 13.

The nine-hole miniature golf course is free and takes guests around the back of the ship.  Bring your camera as the view is terrific.

Use of the basketball court and other games on Deck 13 are also free. 

There is a fee for the use of the digital sports simulators.  Check the Navigator for specific times and details.

Careful, as some of Goofy's golf methods are a bit unique!

Goofy and Max designed the miniature golf course, have used it, and it shows.  The theming on each of the nine holes is unique.
The husband fights off the octopus and shark!
And, you can often find Disney characters, such as Max, hanging out on Deck 13, too.  Again, look in the Navigator for specific times and location.

We enjoy Deck 13 aft on the Disney Dream for the variety of activities available.  There is very seldom a crowd and at the same time "gentlemen's rules" apply to the golf course--no playing through, wait for the group ahead of you to finish their hole before playing, etc.  There is also a bathroom just inside the doors that lead to the aft elevators.
And look for a hidden Mickey on the last hole!

When I am up there, I can't help but wonder how many golf balls have made it into the sea.  Then, I enjoy the view! 

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