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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, March 11, 2013

Swagbucks Equals New Winter Coat For The Boy

Combine Midwest winter weather, frugality, and a need for color coordination and you get an interesting mix when it comes to purchasing winter outwear for a growing and rambunctious boy.  Somewhere in our son's early years, I decided that his winter outwear would be black and red.  This decision has paid off over time as items were outgrown or broken and needed to be replaced.  For example, the black snow pants still fit, but he outgrew his boots--new black and red boots to the rescue.  I knew the new boots would still match the rest of his winter apparel wardrobe, therefore reducing costs of replacing other items just because they didn't match.

Shopping, okay browsing, winter clearance items is also made easier due to the color combo commitment   Even if that bright blue jacket is the right size and price, since it doesn't match, it doesn't get purchased.

Recently the zipper broke on the boy's winter jacket.  My first impulse would be to replace the zipper, but this would be the last winter for the coat anyway as the boy continues to grow.  So, I jumped on-line and found a new coat for a reasonable price at Amazon.  What made the deal even sweeter was paying no money out of pocket for the coat, as I had accumulated enough Amazon gift cards through Swagbucks to cover the purchase of the new coat.

Earning Swagbucks is easy--by Searching as you would any internet search engine, Shopping and Earning, watching Swagbucks TV to get the latest news and entertainment, and taking advantage of special deals and offers.  The coat purchase earned me even more Swagbucks as I went to Shop and Earn before choosing Amazon, and children's clothing was an earning category on Amazon.

Redeeming Swagbucks is easy, too.  Amazon gift cards are just one of the many categories Swagbucks users can choose to redeem their Swagbucks earnings.  450 Swagbucks can be redeemed for a $5 Amazon gift card that never expires.

So my recent purchase checked off several boxes. . . the boy's new coat is black and red still matching his boots, snow pants, backpack, and lunchbox, it cost me no money out of pocket and I actually earned even more Swagbucks for making the purchase.

To get started earning Swagbucks click here now.

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