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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

We Have 27 Admissions to "Lesser Parks"

We have 27 admissions to lesser parks.  27 admissions?  Lesser parks?  For our upcoming trip to Walt Disney World, we added Water Parks and More Fun to our Magic Your Way Ticket.  This option comes at an additional fee, which was reasonable given that we already had a 9 day ticket.  The Water Parks and More Fun option allows us the same number of admissions to lesser parks as our 9 day park ticket.  So, 3 people times 9 day ticket equals 27 admissions.  Lesser parks include both Disney water parks—Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach, DisneyQuest at Downtown Disney, golf courses, and miniature golf before 4:00 pm.

When the husband and boy found out that we could use this ticket option at DisneyQuest, the research began.  I found them both pouring over a guide book on Sunday morning.  The 5 story indoor arcade that includes ride simulators was calling their name.  And, with the admission covered, it is unlimited play once inside.  Only food, beverages, or other trinkets would be additional costs.  We already have at least one stop to DisneyQuest, located on the West Side of Downtown Disney, in our plans, yet could see where a second visit could fit in.  The husband read the best advice and that was to wear a watch as it is easy to lose track of time.

Miniature golf before 4:00 pm sounds like another great option.  We have played at Fantasia Gardens, one of two miniature golf courses on Walt Disney property.  The courses are well themed and are quite enjoyable.  Since we rely on Disney Transportation, the only issue is getting to the courses, as there are no direct bus routes.  The last time we took a boat to the Swan/Dolphin and then walked across the street.  I’m sure we will figure it out and make our way to at least one miniature golf course during our stay.

Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach are also considered “lesser parks” and our admission is included.  Both of the water parks are on our list for our upcoming trip and we may visit one of them twice! 

So, 27 admissions may sound daunting yet with our plans we will use most if not all of them definitely getting our money’s worth when adding the Water Parks and More Fun option to our park tickets.  If we planned to only go to one water park, it would be more economical to pay the one day admission.

We look forward to informing Williams Family Blog readers of all our adventures!

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