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Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Friday, August 9, 2013

Our Dinner at Be Our Guest

When the song “Be Our Guest” was in my head when I woke up this morning, I knew it was time to share our experience eating at Walt Disney World’s newest restaurant Be Our Guest located in the Beast’s Castle in the new Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom.

As our family was planning our most recent trip, I asked the clan where they wanted to eat.  The boy chimed in immediately with Be Our Guest.  It was on my list too, so the only thing I was surprised by was the fact that the new restaurant existed.  Be Our Guest was on our Advanced Dining Reservation (ADR) list.  When our travel agent made our dining reservations, the only available time for dinner was at 8:30 pm as Be Our Guest is the hottest dining reservation in town so to speak.  When we changed our trip a bit and our travel agent was adding more dining reservations, she happened to double check and snagged us a 5:30 pm reservation for the same night as our original reservation.  Whew hew! 

We checked in for our ADR a few minutes prior to 5:30 pm at the reservation area just left of the bridge that leads to the Beast’s Castle.  We were given a pager and told to stay on the bridge area. 

Interestingly, only guests with reservations and who have checked in for their reservations are even allowed on the bridge.  Though when I went to check in for our dining reservation, I was told by another Cast Member prior to check-in area for only one of our party to go to check in while the others had to stand aside.  Yet, when I checked in, I was asked if my whole party was here and I said “yes” the Cast Member looked at me as if to say, “where are they” so I explained that I was told that they needed to stand aside and I was to check-in.  My recommendation—get the system straight so that guests aren’t made to feel uncomfortable or confused.

Pager in hand, we were allowed to go onto the bridge, which is a great spot for photos.  A Cast Member from the cleaning crew named Walt (no kidding) visited with us and we got the inside scoop about the Mine Train Coaster which is being built right next door.

Within a few minutes, our pager lit up and buzzed so we were off to the gates of the castle to be welcomed by the Cast Member who would then seat us.

Walking into the castle was amazing and we were given a  run down of the various rooms, told we could tour and photograph after we ate, and that we would even get a chance to meet the Master of the Castle.

At our table we found our napkins shaped into roses and our greeter showed us how to make the rose napkin shape ourselves. 

Drinks and menus came shortly to our table in the main ballroom.  We were seated near the giant “window” looking onto the mountains while it was “snowing.”

Both the husband and the boy ordered the strip steak and said it was delicious.  It came with a truffle and mayonnaise sauce for dipping—either the steak or the potatoes or both—that was yummy.  I ordered the seafood medley served in a puff pastry shell.

The dessert cart came when we finished our entrees and the various cupcake sized desserts were highlighted so that we could choose our favorites.  It was hard to select among the treats.  The boy chose the Beast’s favorite, while the husband chose Belle’s favorite, and I selected the passion fruit selection.

Our server also surprised us with a bit of the Grey Stuff.  You know, in the song—“try the grey stuff, it’s delicious. If you don’t believe us, ask the dishes.”  Well our Grey Stuff was to help us celebrate our anniversary, so we held hands, each made a silent wish, and blew out the candle together.  And, the Grey Stuff really was delicious!

Upon finishing our dinner, we toured the other rooms.  The West Wing is darker, has the rose under glass, and has evidence of the Beast’s fits throughout the décor.

The other room is much lighter in tone and color and has a large replica of Belle and the Beast dancing in the center of the room. 

When we were exiting, we were directed to the Library, where the Master was greeting guests.  It was wonderful to thank him for being a great host.

Guests then exit through a room filled with suits of armor.  But since this is Disney, they are not ordinary suits of armor, but talking, sneezing, and coughing suits of armor.  What a delightful end to a delightful meal and experience!

After a stop in the restrooms which are located in the main entrance to the castle, we exited.  The boy announced loudly to all who within earshot, many waiting for their reservation, that this was the best meal he had ever had.  He got applause from the waiting crowd.  I concur—it was top notch.  The husband rubbed his full belly with agreement.

We dined at Be Our Guest on the last night of our Walt Disney World Resort vacation and it was a fitting way to end a vacation.

Note:  Be Our Guest is a counter or quick service location for lunch, featuring a specific menu for lunch, and is very popular.  Dinner is table service and includes alcohol selections.


  1. I LOVED that place food was amazing and I had the strawberry treat like you had. It's on our list again for Dec cannot wait

  2. i'm trying to book for October but it shows me nothing is available. I been waking up 7 in the morning just to make reservations this whole week and it's always gone. I don't have a travel agent is there an easier way?

    1. I would try calling Disney Dining Reservations at 1-407-WDW-DINE. They can see if there is any availability. And, keep trying! Good luck!