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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Fireworks Photo is a "Must Do"

3rd in a series of 4 photos
You have seen and heard of various touring plans for Walt Disney World.  Guests are advised to create their “must do” list prior to visiting the parks.  Most of those lists include rides, attractions, shows, and even dining.  Our lists are similar yet include an addition. . . photos.  Specifically, a fireworks photo in front of Cinderella’s Castle at the Magic Kingdom.  It is a “must do” for our family.  And as one person looking at a fireworks photo from our most recent trip said, “Did that just happen or did you make it happen?”  Well, the fireworks are all in Disney’s court, but we made the photo opportunity happen.  Here’s how. . .

The 4th photo
On the Park Times Guide, the Dream Along With Mickey show, which happens on the stage in front of the Castle, is listed with specific times.  Similar to this:

Dream Along With Mickey
It’s a dreams-inspired party and Mickey Mouse and the gang have invited everyone to join in the music and dancing. The power of everyone’s dreams even thwarts the evil Maleficent from spoiling the fun.
Daily at 10:35 & 11:40am, 1:15, 2:15, 4:15 & 5:15pm
Length of show: 20 minutes

We know that four fireworks blasts are going to happen about 18 minutes into the show.  So, we flag down a Photopass Photographer somewhere near the hub or on Main Street—one with a camera they are holding, not on a tripod-- about 15 minutes into the show and ask for a fireworks photo.  They position us and we listen for the song.   When Mickey’s voice rejoins the song, that is when the blasts occur—four of them.  The photographer will snap 4 photos in succession to capture the shots.  Typically the third shot is the best, but that is just my opinion.

shot and missed
It is not a perfect science; things can and do go wrong.  The photographer can miss the shot or if traveling with young children or distracted spouses, they want to turn around and see the fireworks rather than look at the camera the opposite direction.  The boy is now well versed in the routine, but did I say distracted spouses?

Got this one--sort of
We have never had a Photopass photographer tell us that they couldn’t take the shot.  We have had one refer us to a nearby photographer, which we readily agreed to.  And, the photographers have never been surprised when we have asked for the shot.

Both of these are from the first blast.
What is intriguing are the other guests who witness our endeavor while walking by.  Inevitably, they are walking towards the Castle and the show as the music is inviting, a crowd has gathered, and at the time, we look like any other family posing for an iconic shot in front of the Castle.  Then the blasts happen behind us and the other guests realize that we just got a photo with fireworks in the background.  Everyone smiles!

Photo above and below are with the 2nd blast.
Since there are multiple shows throughout the day and a plethora of Photopass Photographers (unless it is raining), opportunities abound for guests to get the photo.

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