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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, June 14, 2010

Meet The Characters from "UP"

Disney-Pixar's movie "UP" won an OSCAR this year and the characters were just as excited about it as we were. We have had the opportunity to meet Carl, Russel, and Dug twice, both times at the Magic of Disney Animation building in Disney Hollywood Studios. And, it is with both sadness and excitement that I tell you that the "UP" meet and greet has been replaced by Lotso from Toy Story 3. Though the rumor on the Disney street is indicating that the characters from UP can be seen in front of the Sorcerer's Hat at Studios.

Carl signs his autograph in the photo above. You can see Kevin, the large bird in the photo below. The location allowed for Kevin to pop out on either side for the photo.
Photopass Photographers were on hand to capture our moments meeting the characters. Click here to read more about Disney's Photopass service.

The second time we met the characters, Dug and Russel had hugs for the boy. Russel was very proud of his badges and Dug would stay focused for the photo as long as you didn't mention anything about squirrels.

I got a big hug from Carl while Kevin peeked. Sometimes we had to wait a bit to see the three characters, but it was worth the wait.
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