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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Father's Day Tribute: The Husband, The Boy--The Dad

Those are my two fellas. . . the husband and the boy. And, here is the story of how the husband became the Dad.

The phone rang in the middle of a Saturday afternoon in October. It was our dear friend, Dana, calling from the soccer field. You see, her son was playing soccer with the son of a local OBGYN physician. During the course of the conversation on the field, the physician asked Dana if she knew anyone who might want a baby, as she had a new patient that was adamant about adoption and the physician was trying to help. Dana thought of us and she was calling to see if we might be interested.

The next few days were a whirlwind. Meeting with the physician, contacting an attorney, informing our families, and meeting the young pregnant woman, who we refer to as Special Carla. We met with Special Carla and asked tough questions. . . could we be there when the baby was born? Who names the baby? Special Carla called the next day and said she picked us. She wanted us to adopt her baby. Ten days from that meeting we visited the hospital, as Special Carla was being admitted and induced the next day. We were there the next day, for the duration. . . 14 hours. We went home that night having witnessed the birth of a baby boy, our baby boy. Eight pounds, eight ounces, 21 inches long and very hungry. We gave him his first bath, his first bottle, and his name.

Two days later, we brought the little bundle home from the hospital. The paperwork was official, but there were still legal loopholes and time lines to get through and past.

So, that's how the husband became the dad. After a three week leave, I returned to work and the husband became the number one feeder, burper, player, changer, and napper.

They are best pals, the boy and the husband. They have hunted for monsters, ants, worms, fireflies, bees, and missing shoes. He is the one to go to for booboos and nail clippings.

Here's Dana and her family--we call her the baby fairy.
Thank you, Dana!

The two of the them have been on more dog walks than you can count. First with the boy riding on the front, then riding on the back in a backpack, then walking beside, and now riding his bicycle beside. Soon, it will be the boy taking the dog for a walk.
Their adventures are many and disagreements few. They have their own way of playing--pretend, tag, trains, and hide 'n' seek. They share freckled noses, flat feet, a caring for all animals, and a love for sweet treats, especially ice cream. They take turns leading and following; talking and listening.
As far as Dad's go, the boy and I agree, he's the best. Yes, we are biased and in this instance, it is okay to be biased. Happy Father's Day!
To the husband, with love!

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