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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Iowa's Longest Running Municipal Band

The Ottumwa Municipal Band is playing in its 146th season, making it the longest running municipal band in Iowa. Each Thursday night in June and July at 7:00 pm in Central Park, the band skillfully performs for an hour. Directed by Brenda Hagedon, each performance is centered around a theme. Some Thursdays include a soloist performing with the band. Admission is free.

We have been enjoying the Thursday night concerts for 10 years. We take our lawn chairs, bug spray, snacks, a bag of toys, and on occasion, the dog.

Here we are enjoying the concert along with family and friends.

If the photo above doesn't say "summer", I don't know what does. The boy and two of his good friends, Sam and Abby.
Central Park in itself is a unique destination. Nestled between City Hall, the Public Library, and the Courthouse, this location provides for beauty, history, and acoustics. We have a special place in our hearts for Central Park, as this is where we were married.
For anyone searching for nostalgia, the Municipal Band Concerts offer a bit of "yesteryear." And, how many things can you say that about? See you at the concert!

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