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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Meeting and Greeting the Characters of 'Cars'

Disney Hollywood Studios is all about finding magic in the movies, so it is no surprise that the characters from Pixar's Cars can be found there. Studios has had difficulty in the past finding a spot for the characters. They first appeared around the Echo Lake area, just roaring their engines. No queue to speak of, just a crowd that gathered when the cars came out snapping photos. Then, there was a location by the Back Lot Tour where the cars came out and drove across the street for the meet and greet. There now was a queue and a Photopass photographer. I think the Cars characters have now found a more permanent location at Luigi's Garage near the exit of the Muppet's 3D attraction. It's where Al's Toy Barn was located.

The queue goes very quickly and it is fun to see the sights of Luigi's Garage. Music from the movie is played in the area.
A Photopass photographer is on hand to capture your photos or you can take your own. Click here to read more about Disney's Photopass service.

Alas, no autographs! The vehicles do sometimes rev their engines. Due to this, the meet and greet can be bit scary, due to the volume, for some youngsters.

I talked to the character handler at the location and asked him if this was one of the best jobs. He said yes. Other than the music that repeats continuously in a 17 minute loop, the characters are very easy to "handle." No breaks, no autographs, just smiling kids meeting their heroes Lightning McQueen and Mater.
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