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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, April 11, 2010

EPCOT Character Spot

Just to the right of the dancing fountain at EPCOT is the Character Spot. I don't know if it is Innoventions West or East, I get turned around, I just know it is to the right of the dancing fountain and on the left hand side of the breezeway heading to the Land Pavilion.

The queue has mounted flat screens that display old Disney animated shorts and provide trivia of animation and animators. The queue itself is brightly colored. Also, this queue is large enough for strollers to make their way around. I can remember when this queue was a serious of painted lines and dots on the carpet. . .

Anyway, when it is your turn, head right up to the first character which is usually the mouse himself. Yes, we must remember this was all started because of a mouse. Say "cheese" as the PHOTOPASS photographers are on hand so have your PHOTOPASS cards and autograph books handy! (Click here to read more about Disney's PHOTOPASS.)

The Mouse Himself!


Minnie Mouse!
Don't you just love those shoes!

Who's number 1?
Donald Duck of course.

We teased Goofy that he could be a part of our family, as he was wearing the same color shirt! The husband also noticed on the paintings on the wall opposite the characters all depicted renewable energy transportation.
The EPCOT Character Spot is one of our favorite places. We try to get there early, as we have seen the queue be 90 minutes or more. Typically, the boy and I head to Test Track and wait for the husband getting FASTPASSes for Soarin'. (Click here to learn more about FASTPASS.) By the time we ride Test Track and Mission Space, we head to the Character Spot before making our way to the Land and the Sea Pavilions.
And, if you are lucky, as you exit Character Spot and turn left (like you are heading to the Land Pavilion) you may find Chip and Dale just around the corner!

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