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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Disney Cruise Line--Personal Navigators--Gotta Love 'em!

When sailing on Disney Cruise Line, you will receive a Personal Navigator that lists the events of the next day.  Each evening, your cabin host or hostess will slip the Person Navigator for the next day under your door.  It is like getting the newspaper a day early!

Each Personal Navigator is 4 pages. The first page or cover highlights important information for the coming day. Sunrise, sunset, time in port if applicable, shows, any time or clock changes that may be necessary, and, of course, the all important drink of the day.

Page 2 is my favorite page. It lists all the events on the ship and the events are by categories. So, if you are traveling with a teen, there is a category that lists all the teen activities. Or, you can search by time. Oh, we have until 1:00 pm before our spa treatment, what can we do before lunch? Or, you can search by shows or movies. It is also handy to take your Personal Navigator with you during your day so that you can refer to times and places for activities. And, if you forget or just want another copy, stop by Guest Services.

Page 3 highlights the events on page 2 and gives a brief description. On-board specials can be found on page 3 and 4.

Page 4 typically includes a list of all ship services, where they can be found, and phone extension. Our favorite phone extension is 7-PALS. Call this number from your stateroom or any phone and get a listing of all the character appearances on board for the day.

Sometimes there are inserts in the Personal Navigator. Tendering instruction, shopping guides for various ports, or Port Adventure lists are just some examples of inserts.

Also know that you are given a Personal Navigator the minute your check-in at the cruise terminal. This first edition you receive is a sort of shortened edition highlighting events for the following days of your cruise as well as events during your first day on board.

I think I have written this before, but I love Personal Navigators. I look forward to scouring the publication before going to bed at sea each night. I want a Personal Navigator for my life everyday while not sailing. . . with an organized list of all the choices for the day!

If you want a sampling of Personal Navigators from various Disney Cruise itineraries, check out the Platinum Castaway Club web-site.

We try to get an extra copy of Personal Navigators to bring home with us; copies that have been folded or tattered due to being carried around with us. We then use them for scrapbooking or scan them for digital scrapbooking.

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  1. It looks like you had a great time. I hope to be able to take my family on a Disney Cruise in 2011.