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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, July 12, 2010

Test Track

One of the fastest rides in all of the Walt Disney World Resort is Test Track in Future World at EPCOT.  Test Track simulates the tests that a new vehicle would undergo before being marketed and you as the rider, well, you are the "crash test dummy" so to speak.

Test Track can be found in Future World at EPCOT. . . just hang a left at the Fountain of Nations, go forward and you'll run right into it.  Did you know that there are more straight lines on that side of Future World to represent the left hemisphere of the brain where logic rules and more curved lines on the right side of Future World to represent the right hemisphere of the brain where creativity is king.  Oh, how I digress from the subject at hand.  OK, Test Track is a Fastpass attraction (click here to read more about Disney's Fastpass) and has a 40" height requirement. 

As you weave around the queue you will see various tests in action and information about automobiles, etc.  Once you go up the incline in the queue you will be sorted into area 1, 2, or 3 (click here to read about "smushing" queues).  The doors will open and you will go into a staging chamber of sorts--see those doors at the other end of the chamber?  Go stand by them.  They will open when the sequence on the television monitor is over.  Speaking of television monitor. . . there will be a short preshow to set you up for the test drive.  You'll recognize the guy--he's been in most if not all of Christopher Guest's movies.  When the show is done, the doors on the other side of the chamber will open and you will be in another queue winding your way to the loading area.

Know that the cars seat 3 in each row.  The lap belts are generous.  I usually feel in a hurry to get mine fastened!  No worries, there is a stop and check point for seat belts just up the track a bit.  Purses or small bags will fit in the bottom of the car and be fine.

The ride itself if fun, mostly not scary, and mostly inside.  If you are like me and get blinded in the light, have your sun glasses ready to put on when the doors open and you head outside for the fast portion of the ride.  It took the boy a couple of trips before he was tall enough and even when he was tall enough he wasn't quite ready to ride.  Watching the ride through video on YouTube helped him see that it wasn't as scary as he thought it was.  Now Test Track is one of his favorites!

When you exit the car and head down to the "post show" area, have your Photopass card ready, as you can find the photo of your car on the wall of screens and scan it onto your Photopass account.  There will be someone there to help, and if you don't have your card, they will give you a new one and you can combine that with your Photopass account later.  Click here to read more about Disney's Photopass Service.

The "post show" area is a combination test chamber, new car showroom, and Disney Store.  It is also a good place to wait for friends or family members that are riding.

To read about our touring plan for EPCOT, click here.

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