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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Disney Fairies at Pixie Hollow

At least for the next few months, until the Fantasyland expansion takes over Toontown, you will be able to find Disney Fairies at Pixie Hollow located inside the County Bounty Store, also known as Toontown Hall of Fame. As you enter the County Bounty store which is right across from Goofy's Barnstormer, you can see the lines on the right. One line leads to the Disney Princesses, the other to Pixie Hollow and the Disney Fairies.

As you enter Pixie Hollow you shrink to the size of a mushroom and you don't even feel a thing! It's Disney Magic at work! Then when you leave Pixie Hollow, you magically return to your original size.

We have been to Pixie Hollow twice. Tinker Bell has been there both times along with Terrence. We found Fawn the first time, but Iridessa, pictured above in yellow as a light fairy, was there just recently. I've been told that the Fairies in residence are determined by the latest movie and which Fairies have larger roles. I'm not sure if this is accurate but it sounds reasonable.

Terrence, a dust keeper

Fawn, an Animal Fairy

Tink playing with the boy

Tinker Bell
Tips and Trivia:
  • Get to Pixie Hollow early or after a rain as the lines can be quite long. Toontown opens at 10:00 am which is later than the rest of the Magic Kingdom, so plan accordingly.
  • The Fairy line goes slower than the Princesses. I've wrapped my brain around this one and the only thing I can figure out is that the guests sort of cross over each other in Pixie Hollow rather than go in an orderly line as in the Princesses. This may cause confusion and delay in the midst of the normally efficient Disney machine.
  • Since the Fairy line is slower, we go there first, then circle back around and get in the Princess line.
  • The premise is that Pixie Hollow is located in a special place deep in the heart of Never Land, where a baby's first laugh brought Tinker Bell to life.
  • The "magical" Disney PHOTOPASS photographers are there to capture the moments. Click here to read more about Disney's PHOTOPASS.
  • There's LOTS of interaction with the Fairies so use your line time to think of clever things to talk about . . . like the benefits of flying. . . or the bother of rain. . . or collecting curious things. What do you think small magical flying creatures would like to talk about?
  • If you want more background/bios on the Fairies, click here.
  • The photo at the beginning of this post is an example of a PHOTOPASS enhancement available on Disney's PHOTOPASS web-site.

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