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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Todd's Pin Tie

We have many inventors in our family, so it would come as no surprise that Todd created something that would fulfill his need to display more pins at Walt Disney World. Click here to read more about Todd's pins.

The problem was that the traditional lanyard only had so much surface area to display Disney pins, yet the lanyard did have a nice clear plastic card holder at the bottom for Key to the World Cards, FASTPASSes, PHOTOPASS cards, ID's, etc.

So, the pin tie was born. The tie could still be worn around the neck, yet it had much more surface area for pins, AND it was a re-use effort for ties that may have outlived their style era.

The only problem was. . . how to get the convenience of that clear plastic card holder at the end. Ah, Todd had an idea. Just take a strip of elastic and sew it to the bottom of the tie so that the metal clip that holds the clear plastic card holder could slide through. Voila! The pin tie was born!
The pin tie was a hit with fellow Disney travelers, pin traders, and Cast Members. Just for fun, Todd themed the tie with all villain pins, just for the occasion.
What didn't come to Disney with us, was the Star Wars pin tie, which consists of a Star Wars tie (yes, he had one!) and Star Wars pins. I think he might be saving it for a Star Wars Week-end when he gets a chance.
Who knows what the future holds for the pin tie!?! Just remember, it all started here by Todd, March 2010.


  1. OOH keep the Disney posts coming, loving the family portrait tip and seeing the fun you all have!!!

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