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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Friday, April 9, 2010

What Do All Of These Pictures Have In Common?

Hmmm. . .

Keep thinking!

You are getting closer!

Got it figured out yet?

You're right, the pictures do have our family in common. The other thing all of the photos have in common is that they were taken at the Walt Disney World Resort by a Disney's PHOTOPASS Photographer and included in our PHOTOPASS account. Click here to read more about Disney's PHOTOPASS service.
That's right, in addition to the other wondrous and fabulous activities you can do with your family while vacationing at the Walt Disney World Resort, you can have family portraits taken!
You can have family portraits taken at the PHOTOPASS studio in Exposition Hall on Town Square just inside the Magic Kingdom. Enter from Town Square and just a about half-way back on the left, you will find a portrait studio. Ask to have family pictures taken and let them do the work. They can scan the photos onto your existing PHOTOPASS card or get you a new one if you don't have one already.
You can also have family portraits taken at the PHOTOPASS studio at Downtown Disney. The PHOTOPASS studio is located inside the Guest Services location in the the middle of the Marketplace. This location can be a bit hard to find, so ask directions or consult a map of Downtown Disney. Again, just ask to have family portraits taken and smile!
We love this service at the Walt Disney World Resort. If we know we won't make it to Downtown Disney, we go to Exposition Hall first thing, otherwise we make a morning trip to Downtown Disney for the photo op. Either way, it's fast and easy.
Say cheese!

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