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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, March 8, 2010

Todd's Pins

I suppose I knew it would happen eventually, I just didn't know when. And, I can tell you exactly when it did happen. Todd got hooked on Disney trading pins the moment he was handed his first lanyard while coming aboard the Disney Magic for our second cruise. You see, that was before Disney's Castaway Club became tiered and everyone coming aboard for their 2nd or more cruise received the same lanyard--see photo above.

He started slow. Just a handful of pins, like a starter set. By the end of our cruise he had begun trading, especially with cast members. No goal or theme, just the random on the whim trade.

The explosion happened five weeks later when we made our way to the World for our 4th trip. This is when he acquired two more lanyards and the lanyards started to have themes. . . transportation, traditional Disney, Pixar characters, etc.

After a 5th trip to the World, he had acquired quite a collection. On our last Disney Cruise, after being given a silver Castaway Club lanyard, he made note of the pin trading sessions held in the Lobby Atrium and joined in the trading fun. Pins were purchased just for trading.

So where are we now? There is a large cork board dedicated to his collection. The pins are sorted and displayed by category with the lanyards hanging empty waiting to be called to service. And, we are now purchasing pins pre-trip via e-bay in lot quantities (of 30). . . just for trading!

We are about to make our 6th trip to the World and he is contemplating the pins to take, wear, and trade. He calls it his master lanyard.

I know this is just another way for the husband to experience Disney. The boy and I openly and willingly strike up conversations with strangers. Now, the husband has a reason to. . . "hey, can I see your pins?"

Yeah, I have pins too, but that is for another time.

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  1. I am hooked on pins just after reading this post! I think this is the perfect souvenier for my husband...I can not even tell you how many trips we have been on where he came home wtih NO purchase...he used to collect shot glasses and then he stopped years ago. Joe is busy designing the first Rich t-shirt for the World 2010. Incidently your blog is healthier reading than CMV blogs and web sites, thank you for being a healing vehicle!