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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Minnie Mouse As. . .

Note: Credit for this idea must be given to the husband!

If you caught the first post in this series "Mickey Mouse As. . ." then you know that each version is about a Disney character in their various "outfits."

Throughout our travels, we have met Minnie Mouse, the faithful companion of Mickey Mouse, in her traditional red and white polka dot dress with the magnificent yellow shoes. (I envy those shoes!) And, we have met her in other forms of dress. . .

Traditional Minnie

Cowboy Minnie at the Backyard BBQ

Sailor Minnie in her "dress blues"

A more casual sailor Minnie.

Caribbean Minnie! Again, the shoes!

Golden Minnie

Princess Minnie

Pirate Minnie

Fiesta Minnie

Colonial Minnie

Chef Minnie--she added an apron to her dress.

Safari Minnie

School girl Minnie

Formal Minnie
More than most, fewer than some, most likely. We are sure there are more "versions" of Minnie out there yet to be discovered and hopefully we will find them. If you have other versions of Minnie Mouse that you have met, please add your comment and tell where you found your Minnie.

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