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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mickey Mouse As. . .

Note: The husband is the generator of the idea for this post and there may be a series with this same theme.

Throughout our travels, we have had the opportunity to meet Mickey Mouse as himself in his traditional outfit. . . red pants, black jacket, and yellow tie. And, we have had opportunities to meet Mickey Mouse as. . .

Traditional Mickey

Cowboy Mickey

Socerer Mickey

Fiesta Mickey

Safari Mickey

Hawaiian Mickey--Hang Loose!

Chef Mickey

Graduate Mickey

Formal Mickey

Playful Mickey

Golden Mickey

Pirate Mickey

Caribbean Mickey

Captain Mickey

Sailor Mickey
While we have aquired quite a collection, I'm sure there are more variations to be had. For example, we have yet to meet Santa Mickey.
Do you have other variations that we don't have? If so, add to comments and tell where your Mickey can be found.

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