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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Formal Night on the Disney Cruise Line

Isn't it fun to get dressed up for dinner? Guests sailing on a Disney Cruise of seven nights or longer will experience one formal night. On two of our three Disney Cruises, we have experienced two formal nights. And, it is kind of fun to get dressed up for dinner!

The first task may be figuring out what to wear. For the guys, that is easy. I just click on cruiselineformal.com and order their tuxedos, shoes, socks, etc. You can also call or fax to place an order. The basic tuxedo package comes with the jacket, pants, two shirts, and all the accessories, including cuff links! Shoes are an add on as are socks. The measuring instructions are on the web-site, which is all they need for the order. The tuxedos will be waiting for you in your stateroom upon arrival. You sign saying you have received your order and then be prepared to return the garments on the last night of your cruise to your stateroom hostess. I say EASY! (And because there are two shirts, on semi-formal night, the tux is worn again without the tie). Cruiselineformal.com can also rent various suits and ladies evening attire. Their selection varies by cruise line.

Next would come selecting something for me to wear. OK, for those who know me, I hate to pay full price for anything. The husband knows the one shirt I paid full price for. . . that's how much it pains me to not purchase something on sale. So, to find a formal dress, I went on-line. Typically, formal dresses, also known as "special occasion" dresses go on sale twice a year--just after the winter holidays and just after prom/wedding season. One site I recommend is onestopplus.com, which combines several retailers into one web-site. Something to consider during purchasing is how well the garment will pack and travel. And, I take the dress out of the suitcase upon arrival so that it can hang up until formal night.
For girls, formal night can be an excellent time to wear a Disney Princess dress or costume.

Even more than any other night on board, the ship's photographers are out in full force! We have had our photos taken in our restaurant for the evening (see top photo), in front of the Mickey at the help icon in the Lobby Atrium, with the Captain, and with Disney characters, also dressed in their finest. Click here to read more about photography services on board.

Here we are with Captain Thord. When you greet the Captain, you will be announced by your family name. What an honor!

Minnie was also in her formal gown, as the Golden Mickey's was on the agenda for the evening.
Having experienced two formal nights on board, I can tell you that the ship hums with vitality that evening. Everyone is dressed up and in the spirit of the evening. The shops on board display special jewels and gems that are not for sale any other time during the cruise. Special menus are prepared for the evening in the restaurants. It is an exciting time!
While it made me a bit uneasy at first to know we would have a formal night, it was relatively easy to take care of the details. And, after the details were taken care of, it was all about the fun!

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  1. Just wanted to again send a note to the entire Williams' family for their enthusiasm for family fun! As we take our son on his first trip to the World today we will certainly be thinking of you 3!