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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

We're Back! Home From Our Holiday 2012 Disney Cruise and Walt Disney World Trip

We’re back!  Home that is, after a wonderful holiday trip that included 5 nights on board the beautiful Disney Dream and 3 nights at the Walt Disney World Resort.  And, oh, do we have stories to tell!  But first, let me wish everyone a Happy New Year! 

Now, let’s recap our trip in numbers. . .

4  Number of planes it took for us to fly to and from Orlando (no direct flight this trip!)

1,343  Number of photos taken by both cameras that we took with us (that’s a lot)

225  Number of photos on the Photo CD purchased at Shutters on the Disney Dream

132  Number of photos on our Disney Photopass CD that we pre-purchased at a discount price (includes photos from Downtown Disney and ONE day at the parks!)

3  Number of times the boy was chosen for magical experiences on the Dream

4  Number of trivia contests we entered (we won one!)

20  Number of single word movie/cartoon titles of Disney/Pixar movies we could come up with for our “homework” at 50’s Prime Time Café.  Can you do that?

2  Number of days we spent at Castaway Cay!

5  Number of times the boy rode the AquaDuck

2 & 6  Number of adult beverages the husband and I enjoyed on Castaway Cay

5  Number of nights the boy stayed up way past his bedtime!

564  Number of days until our next Disney Cruise!

4  Number of thank you cards written to DCL Cast Members—we were so grateful for all of our experiences

48  Number of pounds our heaviest suitcase weighed—under the limit by 2 pounds!

3  Number of “purchase with purchase” deals I took advantage of while shopping

16  Number of letters we mailed at the Post Office on Castway Cay

We met numerous friendly folks who also enjoy the amenities and ease of cruising with Disney—it is the easiest vacation ever! 

The boy sampled duck, escargot, caviar, and various seafood delights including bass, mahi mahi, lobster, swordfish, and shrimp.  He learned he liked couscous.  I learned that the ribs at Cookies on Castaway Cay are better than the ribs at Whispering Canyon.  The husband learned about whiskey at a whiskey tasting event.

While we are grateful to make it safely home we are missing our little bit of paradise and “our” Disney ship.  We’ll be back before we know it! 


  1. Sounds amazing. Just recently found your blog and love it. We are huge Disney fans and went on our first cruise back in March of 2012 and are anxiously awaiting our next cruise the 2nd of February on the new Fantasy. I love your site and all the helpful information. Oh and we are from Iowa too! Welcome Home!

  2. Can't wait for some pictures! Gad you had such a wonderful time!

  3. Stacy (fellow Iowan),
    Thanks for reading our blog. We are glad you find it helpful. Congratulations on your first cruise and Bon Voyage for your second! Wow, in a few short weeks you will be sailing again!

  4. Carolyn,
    Thank you! There will be pictures!

  5. Can't wait to see your photos!! Need some help with our up coming trip, we are going to see Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios how early should we get there I want seats in the middle so do you get to pick your seat or do they escort you to a spot? Happy New Year!!!!

  6. Michael,
    The line for the standby entrance to Fantasmic can begin as early as 2 hours prior to the show. You are going in February, right? Well, 30-60 minutes early could be enough if the crowds are lite.

    The reserved seating for those with the Fantasmic Dining Package is to the right of the performance area.

    Neither areas get escorts--just come and get your seat.

    Good luck!

  7. We had a great time on the cruise with you guys. It was great to meet you. We look forward to our next cruise as well. Thanks for the tips.

    1. Tania,
      Same here!
      Glad you made it back safely!