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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Disney's Photopass + Now Available for Pre-Purchase For Discounted Price

I previously wrote about all that Disney’s Photopass + has to offer—click here to read more.  And, just when you thought that $199 was a bargain to get all of your Photopass Photos on CD along with dining and attraction photos, Disney does it again with the option to pre-purchase Photopass + with a discount!

Now guests traveling to Walt Disney World and wishing to pre-purchase Photopass + can do so by visiting the pre-order link—click here—and then bookmark the site.  Trust me, you’ll want it later and won’t be able to find it!

Let’s do the math and see if Pre-purchasing Photopass + is worth the price of $169.

Scenario 1—Pre-purchase Photopass CD

            $119—pre-purchase price for just the Photopass CD
            $20—one ride photo, say Splash Mountain, as a souvenir
            $32—photo package at Chef Mickey’s
            $171—Total, which is more than the Photopass+ pre-purchase price

Scenario 2—You wait until you get home to buy a Photopass CD or make the purchase at the end of your trip.

            $169—cost of just the Photopass CD either at the parks or when you get home
            $20—one ride photo of you and your family riding Tower of Terror
            $32—photo package at Tusker House
            $221—way more than the pre-purchase price of Photopass +

Scenario 3—Let’s say you pre-purchase the Photopass CD and then upgrade to Photopass + at the parks after hearing about Photopass + on Disney’s Magical Express bus ride to your resort—which wouldn’t happen if you were a Williams Family Blog reader!

            $119—pre-purchase price for just the Photopass CD
            $80—upgrade price at the parks for Photopass +
            $199—we still aren’t saving money yet

Scenario 4—You pre-purchased Photopass + before your magical Disney vacation.

            $169—price of Photopass + pre-purchase and includes the Photopass CD
            $0—ride/attraction photos—they are included in Photopass +
            $0—dining photos, as they are included in Photopass +
            $169—Definitely your best bargain

So, bookmark this site—click here—for the Photopass + pre-purchase.  Know that this must be done no later than 14 days from your trip, as the special Photopass + card will be mailed to you prior to your trip.

If you want to know all that is included in Photopass + click here.


  1. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

  2. You are welcome! Let us know how Photopass + works for you.

  3. Do you know if borders can be added to Photo Pass + ? I preorded Photo Pass a couple months ago before the price went up so would I be able to upgrade now? I usually buy 1 or 2 ride photos but think it would be worth it to get all of them even though we aren't doing any of the special table service meals

  4. You still get the Photo CD with Photopass +, so yes, borders can be added to photos when you get home and have Photopass ship your photo CD. Have a great trip! Not many more days, now!

  5. Do you need Photopass and Photopass+ or does the new option work as a stand alone? I'm confused and trying to get it figured out before I leave for my trip. Thanks in advance!

  6. There is no purchasing of Photopass per say, as it is the photo service Disney offers. The cost is associated with purchasing photos, CD's or other photo products. If you are referring to the Photo CD it is available for pre-purchase either as just the CD or it is included in Photopass +. If you are planning to purchase ride photos and are dining at the locations mentioned as a part of Photopass +, then pre-purchasing Photopass + is the best savings. Have a great trip!