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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Friday, December 21, 2012

A Disney Gift Arrived in the Mail!

I wonder if there will be a time in my future when I don’t appreciate Disney and all it has to offer but I’m not sensing it is likely.  In addition to efficiency, the Disney pillar of service keeps pulling me back as there is no other service like Disney and we have multiple examples including one just recently.

When we opened the mail this week, there was a package from Adventures by Disney (we traveled with them in 2009).  Inside the box was a gift, a DVD of Disney’s Brave, appropriately wrapped in ribbon of Scottish plaid.  There was also a card wishing us happy holidays.

I was floored, as was the husband.  The boy was excited as while we had seen Brave, we didn’t have the DVD, so it was readily added to our collection.  What was so amazing was the unexpectedness of the gift. . . the surprise, and the thoughtfulness.

But that is what Disney does.  They go beyond what might be expected and raise the bar of service.  If any company has “made my day” it is Disney and numerous times.  And, for that, I am always extremely grateful. 

The other side of the coin is that we do expect a Disney level of service and yet are truly surprised when the service goes beyond. . . rather than expecting the “upgrade” so to speak.  We have seen and heard people demand the increased level of service with some luck but no magic. . . guests demanding to be let into a park early because they were told they could go in before opening, guests demanding that their child be allowed to wear diapers in the Mickey pool on a ship even though clearly posted signs indicate otherwise, guests demanding that their small child be allowed to ride the Aqua Duck because they were promised, etc.  Most likely we have all seen and heard these instances.  And, while Disney will do whatever they can, within reason, to make situations right, they won’t forgo safety, as that would infringe on another Disney operational pillar.

So, as we venture off on our next Disney vacation, we take a bit of pixie dust with us that arrived via mail and look forward to the possibility of magical experiences that may come our way.  We will keep you posted! 

We, the Williams Family, wish you and yours a happy, healthy, and safe holiday!

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