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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Silhouettes at Walt Disney World

Silhouettes of children or grandchildren can make great gifts.  And, getting a Silhouette cut and framed while visiting the Walt Disney World Resort can be even better!

We found a kiosk or cart for Silhouette cutting at Downtown Disney near the Disney Pin Trading store in the Marketplace.  There was no wait and this was something on our “would like to do and haven’t done yet” list, so the boy plopped in the provided chair and sat reasonably still while the Cast Member used his small scissors to successfully cut the boy’s  silhouette.    Three silhouettes are cut simultaneously and are put together in one purchase.  Frames are extra.

We purchased the silhouette which came with three “copies” and one frame for around $30.  The silhouette was placed in the frame with the other copies also placed in the frame, so be sure to remember that you have “extras.”  The silhouettes fit nicely into any 5 X 7 frame.

Silhouettes can be made of more than one person in a single silhouette, so if you have more than one child ask about having multiple children in one, or have one made of your whole family!

While we found Silhouettes to be offered at Downtown Disney’s Marketplace, I understand there is another cart located in Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom.  I can’t confirm it for sure, so if you do know for sure drop us a comment.

We used the silhouettes as gifts for the holidays. . . grandmother’s and we kept one and put it in a frame, penciling in the year on the back.  So, for $30 we got two holiday gifts, a special treat for our wall, and an experience the boy had yet to experience.  I call that a deal!

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