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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Free Guest Wi-Fi Now at Downtown Disney

Walt Disney World has added free guest Wi-Fi access at Downtown Disney.  Now, all guest areas—theme parks, water parks, resorts, and Downtown Disney all have free Wi-Fi service available for guests.

Free Wi-Fi service is the base for the Next Gen initiative that will include internet based applications for guests to manage their reservation, park tickets, dining reservations, and Fastpasses.

RFID locks are being installed on resort room doors and have already been installed on the Disney Dream and Fantasy for entry into staterooms.  RFID locks only need the card with the appropriate radio frequency waved near the door handle, rather than placed inside a slot to unlock the door.

RFID guest entrances are being used at the Magic Kingdom, just when we thought fingerprint technology was high tech!

When the boy checks in for the kids club on the Disney Dream, he will have an RFID bracelet on his wrist that allows one touch entry and exit for the club.  This same idea is being touted in the Next Gen initiative for all Walt Disney World guests to wear that would include ticket information, dining reservations and dining plan credits, and Fastpasses all inside the chip in the bracelet.  I’m game, I tell you, I’m game!

The Walt Disney Company has been a leader in the use of the latest technology to enhance guest experiences and the Next Gen initiative is slated for the same.  I am anticipating in 2013 and beyond that we will see the applications of technology for guest use to make the pillar of Disney efficiency even more efficient.  It is exciting and may just thrust me into the life of being a Smartphone user!


  1. I was here the other day and actually used the wifi! http://www.downtowndisneydistrict.com

  2. That is great! We have only used the free Wi-Fi at our resort.

    Thanks for reading the Williams Family Blog!

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