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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, May 27, 2013

Williams Family Blog Reader Made My Day!

That face says it all--Magical at Disney!

When the idea of the Williams Family Blog was conceived and born, it was a surreal feeling to know that others “out there” were reading the words that I had composed.  At the same time, that is exactly the purpose of the Williams Family Blog—to get the words out of my head and onto “paper” of some sort.  Three years and hundreds of posts later, I am still amazed by what happens to the words “out there.”

When acting live on stage or in front of a camera, actors are not supposed to acknowledge the “fourth wall” or the audience.  I supposed writing for cyberspace is the same.  The writing is for the folks “out there” and yet there maybe some rule about acknowledging the readers.  I have broken that rule before and I am going to do it again.

The following was a comment on the Williams Family Blog yesterday made by an anonymous reader:  You are all incredible lucky and blessed- I think the CM's are choosing your family members for these special things because, magic looks like it's just beaming out of all of you in your joyful smiles. That magic is contagious- they know that you'll show everyone what it means to be a Disney Family. My family has been chosen to do a lot of special things too- and I think vivid matching outfits are a big plus!!!

The comment was in response to a post about how we make Disney World even more magical and memorable—click here to read more.

What struck me was the line about the magic beaming from us in our smiles.  Yes, that is exactly how we feel at Disney—most of the time!  (We all have grumpy moments sometimes.)  This reader was able to get that from my words—and pictures!  As a writer, it can be difficult to find the exact words to convey the message—feeling or idea—and it can elating when a reader does get exactly what you are trying to convey.  This anonymous reader did get it, responded, and made my day!  Thank you!

We have had other guests make mention of our “beaming” such as the time a guest told us we glowed.  That is a moment I won’t soon forget.  And, we have had Cast Members make comments about our relaxed demeanor portraying to them that this must not be our first visit or cruise.

So, to our anonymous reader:  Thank you so much for your comment—it made my day!  Yes, we are lucky and blessed at Disney and beyond.  Wishing you Disney magic today and everyday!


  1. So sweet! It's funny, but I was also thinking while looking at your pictures, "Oh my goodness, they just look so happy and beam-y! what adorable pics and an adorable family!" I rarely comment on blogs b/c I'm perusing the internet way past my bedtime b/c with three little ones, it's the only time I get a chance to, but I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for this gem of a find (I will peruse more later, too!) and your smiles made me smile tonight. :)

    1. Christie,
      Thank you! We do have such fun and magical moments and I appreciate that I get to share them.
      If you like what you read, feel free to join us on Facebook for daily photos, trivia, etc. Again, thank you for finding us and thank you for reading!