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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, December 16, 2012

"Will Room Service Warm Up Our Blanets?"

“Will room service warm up our blankets?” was the question being posed from the boy while soaking in the bathtub the other night. 

In order to understand the context of this particular question, some back story is required.  First, it is helpful to understand that the boy is about to experience is 5th Disney cruise and is well aware of room service.  It is also helpful to know that we were talking about ordering cookies and milk for Santa from room service on Christmas Eve, since we will be on the ship.

Second, it is helpful to know that one way the husband spoils us is to warm up our blankets and pajamas in the clothes dryer at night before going to bed during the winter months and that is exactly what he was doing when the boy posed the question.

The husband responded indicating that we certainly could ask, dignifying the boy’s question, knowing full well that room service wouldn’t honor our request.

I was in the other room trying to contain my laughter and shaking my head at the convergence of ideas and experiences necessary for the boy to even consider asking the question.  Most 10 year olds don’t even know what room service is, let alone consider them for a service their dad usually supplies that adds comfort to our home.  Add on that we are traveling to The Bahamas where it is warm, so warm blankets may not be necessary, though potentially a nice treat.  And, that we will be sailing with Disney with impeccable standards for service and amenities.

What can I say?  We Williams’ like our comfort and if we can get some of the comforts of home while traveling, well, that is even better.

Could we warm up the blankets on the ship?  Sure we could.  We could strip the turned down beds and head to the laundry room and give them a spin in the dryer.  Though, I don’t envision us doing that and am certainly not making that suggestion. . . just indicating that it is possible.

Instead, we will look forward to the towel animal or figure awaiting us from turn down service, savor the chocolates wrapped in a picture of Sleepy from the Seven Dwarfs, curl up in our beds, and let the sea gently rock us to sleep.  Ah, the comforts of traveling with Disney Cruise Line!

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