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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Pirates League At Sea

Already wearing a pirate t-shirt and shorts with skulls and crossbones brought from home.

Many Disney guests and fans are familiar with Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutiques that transform little girls into Disney Princesses located at Walt Disney World.  When Disney realized that boys—and girls and adults—also wanted to be transformed, Pirates League was created and could be found inside the Pirates of the Caribbean area at Walt Disney World.  Knowing that both of these transformative opportunities were a hit with guests, Disney Cruise Line decided to include BOTH when building their newest ship, the Disney Fantasy.

Located on Deck 5 midship on the Disney Fantasy, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique on most days turns into a Pirates League on Pirates IN the Caribbean Night celebrated once during 7 night sailings. 

Since it was going to be our first time sailing on the Disney Fantasy, we decided to give a pirate make-over a try.  We knew Pirate Night was going to be our 5th night on-board based on the information provided in our on-line reservation.  We were able to schedule a First Mate Make-over with our other on-line reservations.

The boy’s appointment was at 3:45 pm.  When making the appointment, it was recommended that we allow 45 minutes.  The timing was perfect.  He would be transformed into a pirate prior to dinner and most likely be able to meet characters before dining as well.

We arrived in a timely fashion and the usually pink and feminine Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique was now swathed in a pirate motif.  Even the Cast Members were sporting pirate gear for the occasion.

After checking in, the boy was asked to roll a pair of dice to determine his pirate name.  Tobias Wavewrecker was born!

Before the make-over could take place, the boy had to select from 3 different make-over options for the First Mate Package—which included make-up, headband, eye-patch, sword, earring, sash, tattoo, and commemorative pirate oath featuring his pirate name for around $35. 

Once the selection was made, the make-over commenced.  He had to lean back in the chair for make-up to be applied.  (Too bad the chairs themselves don’t lean back.)   The headband and eye-patch were next.  One rule is that the eye-patch has to be worn above the eye, not on the eye.  Safety first!  The earring was then attached to the headband—clever.

After the tattoo was applied to his hand and the sash and sword were arranged, it was time for the pirate oath.
He then received his commemorative pirate oath featuring his pirate name and we were done.  Elapsed time of the make-over:  15 minutes.

There are a variety of pirate packages to choose from beyond the First Mate Package, which was the least expensive.  Some packages include the entire costume.  There are also pirate packages for girls, which include nail polish.  And, one of the girl pirate make-overs features Tinkerbell. 

Appointments are available throughout the day and evening.  Pirate Night was on a day we were in port—Jamaica—so plan port adventures and any appointments accordingly. 

The boy took full advantage of his pirate make-over the rest of the evening, including  meeting Disney characters in their pirate attire, the Pirates IN the Caribbean deck party, show, and of course, fireworks!  It did take some scrubbing to get off the eye liner.

Last words:  We are glad we did it ONCE.  Pirates League won’t be on our agenda next time.  The cost for the 15 minute make-over was a bit pricey.  The sword did make it home in our luggage with no problems with TSA.  Oh, and I was allowed to take pictures but only of my pirate for privacy reasons--no problem. 

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