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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Friday, June 3, 2011

How Do You Explain Why You Keep Going Back?

Since Memorial Day has come and gone, school has dismissed for the year, and people are beginning to talk about their summer plans.  While our summer plans have not been a secret, it seems that more folks are asking now than they had been before.

Yeah, our summer plans are pretty cool—a Disney Cruise on the Dream and a week at Walt Disney World.

And, it’s not the first time we have gone on a Disney Cruise.  Actually, it will be our 4th Disney Cruise and our 8th visit to Walt Disney World.  The only “new” thing about our summer plans is that we will be on the Dream.  Again, pretty cool!

Most people are thrilled for us.  Thanks!  We appreciate it!  We’re thrilled too, as we have saved and planned for this trip for 18 months.  Some people wonder out loud why we keep going back to Disney.

I have written about this before—click here to read my firstattempt—but it is difficult to find the words to describe such an immersive, magical, and memorable experience as a Disney vacation.

Immersive—when we “do” Disney, we don’t do anything else.  You won’t find us trekking off property to do Universal, Busch Gardens, or Legoland.  We fly into Orlando and let Disney take us anywhere we need to go.  We use Magical Express and Disney transfers to/from the port.  We surround ourselves in Disney service and pampering that Disney is well known for.  We soak it all in and somewhat get lost.  We don’t check e-mails, read newspapers, and seldom turn on a TV except maybe to check the weather.  We are completely removed from the “real” world and immersed in the Disney experience.  I remember one trip in September getting to the airport for our flight home and seeing/hearing about Sarah Palin.  This wasn’t even a name on the news 6 days before, but it sure was then.  That’s how immersive a Disney experience can be and we love it!

Magical—what can I say except that magical things happen while at Disney when you least expect it.  The magic can be from a Cast Member, a character, an attraction, a show, your family, anything.  We have had Tinker Bell bring prizes for a lost tooth instead of the Tooth Fairy.  We have been chosen to various events and celebrations through the resort.  The magic is everywhere.  What I can say is that if you expect magic, it usually won’t happen.  The magic will come when you least expect it.  We even make magic of our own when we travel with Disney.

That brings us to the memorable part of a Disney vacation.  Our son’s memories and therefore our family’s memories are colored with Disney.  We have experienced so many memorable moments while traveling with Disney, which is one of the reasons for the Williams Family Blog—to capture those memories.

While I have tried to once again explain and describe in words what keeps us coming back, I somehow feel that I’m not quite doing it justice;  that I am somehow leaving things unsaid.  My only retort—try on Disney for yourself and your family.  I hope you feel as much of the magic as we do!

And, no matter what your summer plans, make some memories!


  1. Still keeping our Dream Cruise a surprise and debating whether or not to tell, either my 8 year old already knows or is so used to Disney talk of WDW and our dream of cruising on The Dream I'm not sure! As far as not indulging on impulse purchases when shopping both boys have been taught since they were babies that sometimes we get a treat and sometimes we don't, and they must wait 3 days or shopping trips before they can purchase something and then they must save up their own money and buy it themselves. The little one has his goal set on the Dream and has been very frugal about spending his money on frivolous things! I hide little things I've been getting for the cruise and getting him to try on clothes " for when we go to a nice dinner" He knew last summer he was going on a trip but wanted the destination to be a surprise! I did tell the teenager so that he could help pick special excursions and try on clothes, but the older child is the planner and younger is the dreamer so think it probably depends on who it is you want to surprise. And older son swore to secrecy!!

  2. I jinxed myself! Saturday as I introduced my youngest to a lady I was doing some volunteer work with she asked him "When are you going on your Disney Cruise." I had forgot to mention that it would be a surprise! You shoukd have seen his eyes light up and the grin on his face :-) ! Now he is is into ANTICIPATION mode and very excited to help me plan and I have leverage to get him to read books this summer and the threat of his teacher not letting him miss 1 1/2 days of school if he doesn't work hard!

  3. The cat is out of the bag. . . so to speak. Enjoy the family conversations that build anticipation. I see a countdown in your future! °o°

  4. It' on the computer! and has a reminder to enter the HGTV contest every day! He read one book and asked for math worksheets for practice yesterday!