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Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, May 29, 2011

50 Ways to Leave for Disney

Today marks 50 days until we leave for our great Summer of 2011 DCL and WDW adventure.

To parody the song “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” by Paul Simon, we created 50 Ways to Leave for Disney.

(Note:  there weren’t really 50 ways in the song, just a few ways repeated, but we wanted to make a list of 50!)

  1. Back-up the minivan, Stan—okay, the husband’s name just didn’t rhyme here.
  2. Pack up your toys, boy.
  3. Slip on your Dr. Scholls, Cole.
  4. Get the park-n-fly, Sly.
  5. No overweight bags, Mags.
  6. Arrive early, Shirley.
  7. Cancel your mail, Dale.
  8. Be ready to fly by golly, Holli.
  9. Take your sunscreen, Dean.
  10. On this cruise, no Spam, Sam. (Do you get the cruising reference?)
  11. There might be some rain, Blain.
  12. Get ready to cover your hair, Claire.
  13. Riding Expedition Everest, Ernest.
  14. And, Kali River Rapids, Gladys.
  15. The Sail Away Party is the bomb, Tom.
  16. Autographs from characters, Jennifer.
  17. Be at rope drop, Pop.
  18. No Mountain Dew, Stew.
  19. No gum, Drum.
  20. Great “mousekeeping,” Bing.
  21. Disney transportation—no automobile, Camille.
  22. Enjoy the Disney Service, Doris.
  23. The Monorail, Gail.
  24. Riding the Aqua Duck, Chuck.
  25. Working on our tans, Ann.
  26. Being in Indiana Jones, Malone.
  27. Take the ponchos and umbrellas, Stella.
  28. Reading a book on deck 4, Thor.
  29. Rebooking on board, Lord.
  30. Fastpass—for lines to avoid, Lloyd.
  31. Haunted Mansion isn’t that scary, Larry.
  32. Dinner and Fantasmic, Nick.
  33. Smile for Photopass Photographers, Christopher.
  34. Stay dry on Splash Mountain, Dylan.
  35. Ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Jod.
  36. Disney fireworks are a delight, Dwight.
  37. Paradise on Castaway Cay, Shay.
  38. What secrets will the Beast tell, Belle?
  39. Dining around World Showcase, Maize.
  40. Get your reservation at ‘Ohana’s, Lana.
  41. Enjoy Disney after dark, Clark.
  42. Did you bring the money, Honey?
  43. Look out for Stitch, Mitch.
  44. Fireworks at the Pirate Party, Marty.
  45. Our feet will hurt, Kurt.
  46. Meet your favorite Disney Fairy, Harry.
  47. Rides and characters from Toy Story, Maury.
  48. Swimming with sea lions, Harrison.
  49. Parasailing in the sky, Di.
  50. Our greatest Disney adventure yet, Georgette.

This list was compiled in collaboration with the husband, with some input from the boy.  Writing this helped us to consider all that we are looking forward to on our upcoming trip.  We hope you enjoyed our endeavor!

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