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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Making of Where in the World. . .

The Viking Ship was once a part
of the Norway Pavilion, but has since been removed.

One of the parts of publishing this blog that I enjoy the most is the weekly “Where in the World?” photo and corresponding quiz/poll.  Each Saturday I return to the “Where in the World” photo file on the desk top of my computer and scroll through the photos to pick the one that I want to use that week.  Not only do I need to select a picture, but I need to be thinking about other possible locations that the photo might have been taken in addition to THE location that photo was taken, for the quiz/poll responses. 

We are whittling away the days until our next Walt Disney World vacation and all three of us keep an eye out for potential “Where in the World. . .” photo opportunities while at the World.  After the photos are downloaded to the computer, I go through and move photos to the “Where in the World” file on the desk top, so that finding them each week is a bit easier than wading through all of the photo files on our computer.

No more front car Monorail rides!

Some of the “Where in the World” photos contain family members, other do not.  I’m not sure of the audiences’ preference.  You’re welcome to weigh in here if you have a preference.

Some of our photos, which have been taken over the past 5 years, are of locations that no longer exist—such as Fantasyland photos, or of opportunities that no longer exist—such as rides in the front of the monorail.  I have to consider whether or not it is fair to include those photos as a part of the “Where in the Word” repertoire.

 Mickey's garden is no longer behind his house in Toontown.

Then there is the consideration for the potential responses on the quiz/poll. Sometimes it easier than others to come up with 3 alternative locations a photo might have been taken.  I have to consider all other parts of the enormous Walt Disney World Resort.  I take into consideration themes or connections to help me determine other possible responses.  Often, my selection of photo is based on whether or not ideas are popping into my head for possible answers on the quiz.

 Pete's Garage closed when Toontown closed.

I hope you enjoy playing “Where in the World” as much as I enjoy providing it for you.  Each time, it brings back memories from the time and place when the photo was taken.  I hope “Where in the Word” brings you memories from a Walt Disney World vacation or spurs you to discover something in the World that you hadn’t discovered before!

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