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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Great Airport Parking Deals!

The boy took his first trip by airplane when he was three weeks old and has been flying ever since.  We've flown in and out of Orlando International over 30 times and are familiar with the various airports within a 4-hour radius from our home.  Each trip comes with unique details--flight times, how long it takes to get to the airport, planned arrival times--that require new decision making.

Some times, we drive the day/night before a flight and use a hotel for park-n-fly opportunities.  We've even driven the night before, stayed at a hotel, and then parked at the airport because parking was free--this is prevalent in small regional airports in Illinois.  We have made parking reservations prior to trips--the holiday season can fill up airport parking lots.

For our next trip, we are flying from Kansas City and our flight is later in the afternoon, so we will be driving the same day as our flight.  I needed to find parking that was reasonable--even economical.  The long-term spots at the airport started at $9 per day.

With a little bit of searching, I found that some hotels near the airport, offer parking for as little as $5 per day in addition to a free shuttle to/from the airport.  I snagged a reservation at a hotel less than a mile from the airport.  Caveats:  Had to pay in full.  There was a $5 service/tax charge.  Need to print the receipt and bring with to show the reservation.  Otherwise, it was VERY easy!  And, I know that I have a reserved spot to park our car.

Click here for the link. 

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