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Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

We Came To Play--Some Of Our Favorite Photos!

One of the things I noticed when looking back upon our grand summer 2014 vacation was that we came to play and the pictures taken reflect just that.

Yes, we had several traditional photos taken with characters and in front of park icons, but we had even more playful photos taken.

Here are some examples:

 Just outside The Simpsons ride, there is a photo studio or shall I say stand.  This was one of many photos we had taken at the location and added to our Star Card--part of Universal's Photo Connect service.
 This photo opp is in the middle of the High In The Sky Trolley ride queue.  We missed it by using Express Pass, but was able to get it taken after we exited the ride.
 Even though we missed this photo opportunity in the Express Pass line, we asked at the end of the ride and were taken back to have our photos taken.  Watch out--we're shooting webs!
 The number one duck and the number one boy were sporting some attitude for this photo taken in front of the Walt Disney Theater on formal night.  It's amazing what a pair of sunglasses can do!

 Who doesn't dream of being a pirate?  And as guests on board a Disney ship, that is exactly what we got to do.  The photographer captured us being sinister. 
 And, then, there's the loving side.  This is one of my favorite pictures from the entire trip!
 Since Minnie was all dressed up and so were we, we decided to dance a bit.  That's us trying to do the Charleston.  Yep, we paid for that photo.
 Not even a little rain could dampen our spirits in paradise.  The rain eventually passed and blue skies and sunshine reigned.
 But Rapunzel, your hair would make such a great mustache!  This photo was the husband's idea.
 Paws up!  Pluto and the boy gave the same pose for this photo.  But I don't remember who ended up getting the treat.

 These two photos have to be seen as a set.  The little poser was smiling for the camera and the sunglasses stayed on his head even after the drop!  Gotta love Photopass photographers for capturing the moments!

 Yes, that's us floating along in the lazy river at Blizzard Beach. . . not a care in the world.  Water shoes, sunglasses, visors, and waterproof watches.  The MagicBands made getting our picture taken so easy--and ordering lunch!
 Okay, these two photos also need to be seen as a pair.  I'm just imagining the caption for the photo below.  "Ah, c'mon Dad, my driving isn't THAT bad.  And, remember, I learned from you."

And, of course, a photo from the best meet and greet of the vacation.  Minnie and I comparing our yellow shoes!  Click here to read more.
 Ralph tried to block the camera but we all made it into the shot.  Not your traditional character meet and greet photo, but we love it!
 The final wave photo at Typhoon Lagoon.  The photographer took a series of photos with the last one being when the wave hit us.  I love how the photo shows our personalities.  Click here to see the series of photos and read the story.
 The boy asked Duffy to turn around and then proceeded to announce and show what is on display on his backside--a hidden Mickey!  Duffy and the boy made up with hugs.
 At Enchanted Tales with Belle, the boy was chosen from the group to be The Best.  The photographer then took a series of photos that we later downloaded into our Photopass account. The photo above shows him scaring Belle.
 Later, he bowed in her honor, followed by dancing.  Someday he will either be embarrassed by these photos or thrilled that he was dancing with a Disney Princess.  I will say when he was selecting photos to go into his "All About Me" bag for school, he did not pick any of these. . .

A final bow at the end of the story.  How regal and confident he looks!

What is so fantastic is that all of these photos were taken for us--by either ships' photographers, Photo Connect photographers, or Disney Photopass photographers.  I so appreciate how they let us relax and be on vacation while they do the work for us--capturing the moments and the memories.  Just another reason we keep coming back;  oh, that, and to play!

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