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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, September 1, 2014

The Simpsons Experience at Universal Studios

Guest Post From The Husband:

I have been a fan of the Simpsons when I saw their first half hour episode that premiered Dec. 17th 1989. The silly antics of Bart and Homer coupled with the writer’s acid outlook on societal norms and biting opinions made me a lifetime fan.

From our trip in 2008.
 I went to Universal Studios in Orlando for the first time in 2008.  The Williams family had the honor to be photographed with the Simpson family. A moment I treasure to this day. The Simpsons ride was not up yet and I made a promise that we would return to go on that ride. I also wanted a Krusty Burger.

Years passed and the Williams Family cruised with the mouse and blistered our feet going from one attraction/ride/character to another at Walt Disney World. Great moments and experiences, still the Simpsons were calling to me. Then this summer we went to Universal for a day.  

Sadly, the Simpsons ride was a disappointment. It started out fine. As you are waiting various animated characters show up on screens say something humorous and leave. Sideshow Bob appears saying today is the day the Simpsons get theirs. The voice actors in the series are the same for the ride, including Kelsey Grammar. The noticeable missing voice actor is Harry Shearer. You see Principal Skinner, Mr. Burns, & Ned Flanders but they don’t speak during the pre shows.              

The ride is four and a half minutes long that you share with the Simpsons. A roller coaster ride from hell with Sideshow Bob trying to kill you, inside jokes from the series, & Homer being Homer.  The ride itself is a simulator ride that uses computer generated 3D animation shown on a 80ft IMAX Dome. In fact this ride is a lot like the Spider-Man ride.

The problem with the Simpsons ride is that it puts way too much emphasis on the roller coaster aspect. Don’t get me wrong, I love real roller coasters. The Hulk is my favorite at Universal Studios. On the Simpsons ride I was constantly subjected to violent jerks and lurches that distracted me from the story and animated effects of this adventure. I broke out into a clammy sweat which hadn’t happen to me in decades. I missed at least half the antics going on because I was fighting motion sickness.

When the ride was over about half my fellow passengers felt like I did. Once I got outside I recovered pretty quick. I thought maybe I was getting too old for simulator rides. Later that day the family and I went on the Spider-Man ride and I was fine. The odds of me doing the Simpsons ride again is extremely unlikely.
As for the Krusty Burger, it was greasy and lacked taste. My son got the Flaming Moe and it was great. We also got pictures and autographs of Bart and Lisa. So the Simpson experience at Universal was not a total bust.

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