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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Best Character Meet and Greet of Our Summer 2014 Disney Vacation

The Photopass photographer captured the boy's expression when we entered the room.
It seems that with each visit to Walt Disney World we find that one character interaction stands out among all others.  Last summer, it was our interaction with Mickey and Minnie at Adventurer’s Outpost at Disney’s Animal Kingdom—click here to read more.  And, indeed, there was a character interaction that topped the charts for us this summer!

Tucked away in the exit area of The Magic of Disney Animation at Disney’s Hollywood Studios—you know the area after the show with Mushu the dragon from Mulan that typically features meet and greets with Mickey, The Incredibles, and most recently characters from Wreck-It Ralph—there is a small meet and greet for Minnie. 

Trust me, it was hard to find.  I knew she was there because it was listed on the park Times Guide—well that, and I had read about it online.  But there were no signs or indications of her presence so I asked a Cast Member.  Sure enough, under the sign that says Drawing Room, smack dab between Wreck-It Ralph and Mickey Mouse, was a small queue area with various movie posters featuring our gal Minnie.

We wound through the short queue and were right next to the door.  Would there be another “room” to wait, which Walt Disney World is so famous for?   No!  That door lead right to Minnie as soon as it opened and a Cast Member welcomed us inside!

Hugs First!

 Right away I saw the little suitcase with the initials MM and the yellow shoes.  I couldn't resist a photo of the just the bag and shoes and then realized that I, too, was wearing yellow shoes--just like Minnie.  So, we posed together with our yellow shoes.

 Her dress featured jewels and crystals, which I was admiring.  Minnie was admiring that it was our anniversary.  Nothing like mutual admiration with Disney character!
 Then it was time for the traditional photos with the character that the Photopass photographer again captured so well. 
We left there feeling elated by the personal touch that Minnie, the Photopass photographer, and the Cast Member handler/host provided.  The setting was intimate and fun.  And, the d├ęcor was nothing short of amazing; perfectly themed for Minnie in her iconic dress but this time encrusted jewels and crystals.

Minnie helped me capture photos throughout her dressing room.
P.S.  I’m waiting to sharing more photos from the meet and greet on the Williams Family Blog Facebook page in “Where in the World”.

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