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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mickey and Minnie Meet and Greet in Disney's Animal Kingdom

Yes, Walt Disney World is teaming with Disney characters for guests to meet and greet.  And, many of the character greetings have been moved to indoor locations for guest and Cast Member comfort.  There are also various meals featuring character greetings.  And, while we have experienced many character interactions, there was one from our most recent trip that really stood out.  Maybe because it was new, but I am sensing it was more than that.

At Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the Adventurer’s Outpost on Discovery Island just across from It’s Tough to Be A Bug’s exit, is a new character meet and greet for Mickey and Minnie.  The outside of the building is non descript and guests who are trying to make their way from Asia to Dinoland may walk right past if they don’t know what is inside.  We did know, and opened the door to join the queue.

As in Disney fashion, each entry through another doorway builds anticipation.  First the large room with the queue line back and forth.  Then a doorway leading to a smaller room, and then finally, the characters along with handlers and a Photopass photographer.

Mickey and Minnie were in their adventurer gear complete with a collage of their travels in the background.

So, what made it special?  Well, the photographer did a great job capturing both posed and not posed moments.

Also, Mickey and Minnie noticed our anniversary buttons and made a heart shape with another signal that could be translated into asking how many years.  We told them eleven.  More hugs and congratulations ensued.

The husband enjoyed the interaction so much, he wanted a photo of his own with two of the fabulous five. 

We also noticed two other people in the room with clipboards furiously writing.  When we asked, we were told to ignore them—hard to do.  When we encountered the clipboard people again at Pete’s Silly Sideshow, we got the lowdown that they were there to offer feedback about the character interaction; observers of sorts. 

I can also give feedback and let them know that the time and attention given to our family from that single meet and greet at Disney’s Animal Kingdom was a highlight of our trip and one of the best character meet and greets we have encountered.

So, the next time you are traversing the path between Asia and Dinoland, check out that small, nondescript building.  You never know what kind of magic can be found inside.

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