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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Getting To and From Walt Disney World OR How to Use Disney's Magical Express --Part 2

Getting back to Orlando International Airport to catch your flight home is just as easy as getting to your resort at the Walt Disney World Resort when you use Disney's Magical Express.

On the last day of your stay, an envelope will be hung on your resort room doorknob. Your return tickets for Disney's Magical Express will be inside the envelope including the time Disney's Magical Express will be picking you up at your resort. Pick-up time is typically 3 hours before your flight. This gives you enough time for the drive to the airport, check-in, and make your way through security.

You may make arrangements with bell services to help get your luggage from your room to the bus or ask them to check-in your luggage if that service is available to you.

Keep the information provided to you in the envelope hung on your door handy, as you will need it to board the bus. Large luggage can be stored underneath the bus for the ride back to the airport.

Once again, movies are shown during the return trip. They feature the Disney characters and include information about Orlando International and how to streamline your airport experience. And, they offer information for your next magical Disney vacation be it a return to the Walt Disney World Resort, a Disney Cruise, or an Adventures By Disney tour. Disney takes advantage of the captive, and somewhat sad at leaving, audience on the bus.

We typically fly around 7:00 or 8:00 am, so our time to return is usually quite early. You would be amazed about how busy Orlando International can be at 6:00 am.

We have found it easier to leave when we know we are coming back! °o°

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  1. Do you have another job, or did Disney hire you to make this sound wonderful? Hehehe... Glad you had a great time! I didn't want to get up to find the URL, so I typed in a Google search for ToddJodyBrent and found you at the top of the list! :0)