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Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Friday, August 2, 2013

Bell Services--A Walt Disney World Resort Amenity We Appreciate

The hardest part of a Walt Disney World Resort vacation?  Other than coming home?   Is finding your room after checking in.  You are given a resort map, the building is circled, you have a room number and your Key To The World Cards or MagicBands and then you are sent off by the Cast Member behind the desk to find your way, typically still with carry on luggage and possibly your first filled Disney mug.

We have wandered Port Orleans Riverside, Caribbean Beach, and Coronado Springs to find rooms with Port Orleans French Quarter being an exception due to its size.  We have tried to read numbers in the dark and find the best staircase or elevator.  Only to be extremely relieved when the room has been found.  I have told the husband while pulling rolling bags across the bridge at Coronado Springs that finding our room is the part of my Walt Disney World Resort vacation that I dislike the most.

But no more!  For our last two trips and future trips, we have used and will be using Bell Services to find our room. 

This trip, we had a grocery delivery waiting for us at Luggage Services which is near the Magical Express bus drop off/pick up area.  So, after checking in at the resort, obtaining and filling our Disney mugs, we meandered to Luggage Services to pick-up our grocery order and request Bell Services to transport us to our room.

The husband putting his Mountain Dew--part of our grocery delivery order--in our resort room refrigerator.
Within minutes, our carry on bags were loaded into the back of the extended golf cart vehicle, we were seated, and had a lovely tour of the resort.  Our driver even took the time to inform us of a few things within the resort.  These Cast Members know everything! 

Finding the room was no problem as we just followed our Bell Services representative.  He then told us the best route the bus stop and direction to the Dig Site, the main pool.

For the cost of a tip, we and our bags were safely and without frustration, delivered to our room!

When I spoke about the service to another guest while standing in line waiting for the Walt Disney World Railroad at Magic Kingdom, I was informed that this is a service provided for Disney Vacation Club members without asking.  This was news to me, but makes for a great amenity.  Yet, we, and everyone else, has access to the amenity as well, just for asking.

I also witnessed guests at our resort boarding buses with their carry on bags and asked if they were leaving or arriving.  I was told they had just arrived at the resort and were finding their rooms in the rain.  I mildly suggested the use of Bell Services, as the carts also have plastic coverings that can be used in the event of inclement weather. 

We also use Bell Services prior to checking out of our resort.  With a phone call from our room, we can arrange a pick-up time prior to Disney’s Magical Express pick-up.  The representative comes to the room and gathers all the bags—they ask about how many bags and people when you call to arrange the service.  Then, all the bags are loaded into the cart along with the people and you are whisked away to the luggage services, airport check-in, and Magical Express pick-up/drop off area.

This trip, Resort Airline Check-in was available, so our boarding passes were printed at the resort and our checked bags were tagged and taken prior to our boarding Disney’s Magical Express service back to Orlando International Airport.

Our Magical Express pick-up time was 9:45 am as our return flight was at 12:30 pm.  Our Bell Service pick-up was arranged for 8:15 am.  Once we had our boarding passes and luggage checked, the resort’s Luggage Services held our carry on bags while we leisurely enjoyed our last breakfast, checked out, and browsed the shops one last time.  It was a relaxing morning on what can be a harried and frazzled time.  Thanks to Disney for making it easy. 

The ever present Disney service was noticed at the airport when we saw the long line at our airline’s counter for flight check-in and luggage checking.  We went directly to security with our boarding passes in hand.

There are no official charges for Bell Services, Luggage Services, Resort Airline Check-in, or even Disney’s Magical Express.  At the same time, tips are appreciated and somewhat expected.  We include the tips in our budget.  If you were behind the scenes in our resort room that morning, you would see me dolling out cash to the husband with directions such as “This is for the Bell Services person,” watching as he puts the cash in his pocket and then “This is for the person who handles our checked bags,” as he puts that tip in a different pocket, and “This is for when you pick up our carry on bags being held in luggage services that we retrieve with this ticket.”  Our system works for us.

The next time you check in or out of a Walt Disney Resort, consider using Bell Services.  They make our transitions to and from the resort smooth, hassle free, and. . . almost magical!

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