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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Arguments FOR Sailing With Disney

“No, we won’t be spending Christmas on a cruise ship,” were my words to the boy the other evening.  I think we were both disappointed and the husband who was nearby made an audible sound expressing his disappointment.  And, while the upcoming holiday season will be without a Disney vacation, there is one in our future.

Yet, with all the hullabaloo about the re-imagined Disney Magic making its debut this week and seeing pictures and videos of the ship’s new features, the longing for a sailing was felt a bit deeper.  Click here for links to videos and pictures of the Disney Magic’s newest updates.

We are less than 9 months from our next Disney cruise.  I tend to get a bit winey at this stage, lamenting the length of time until we sail again.  Maybe 18-19 months between cruises is just too much?

At the same time, I am very grateful that we have had multiple opportunities to sail with Disney.  Folks know about our many trips to Walt Disney World, but have fewer questions for us as experienced Disney cruisers.  And, just like being a Walt Disney World guest is an acquired taste, it seems cruising is much more of an acquired taste.

We hear concerns about the boat’s safety, sea sickness, being bored with nothing to do, how expensive it can be, dressing for dinner and the packing that entails, visiting foreign ports, and the need for passports.  The husband lumps all of the concerns together with a similar response when people don’t use Fastpass;  fine, don’t go, makes more room for us.  I, on the other hand, try to reassure.

Safety:  Disney Cruise Line has an excellent safety record.  In fact, they are known for helping others at sea.

Sea sickness:  This is real, though while we aren’t bothered, we have seen others.  Medications and natural remedies can help.  I do great on the water and then have to adjust and get my “land legs” back.  I told the husband it means I was meant to live on the sea!

Bored, nothing to do:  Not on a Disney ship.  There are many activities from morning until night.  In fact, there is no way to do them all and for folks who want some relaxation, there are plenty of opportunities for that as well.

Expense:  Yes, a Disney cruise may seem expensive, especially when everything, including tips/gratuities are on the initial tab.  Yet, consider how much a land based vacation that includes dining and entertainment can cost.  Add in child care, room service, tips/gratuities, access to parties, Disney characters and determine the total.  Are we close yet to the cost of a cruise?  Most likely! 

Dressing for dinner:  Much to our disappointment, Disney Cruise Line recently loosened the dress code expectations for dining in the main dining rooms on the ship to include shorts.  There are still dress codes for the adult only restaurants.  Will we still be “dressing for dinner”?  Yes!

Packing:  Since the dress code changes—see above, that isn’t as much of a concern.  We have not had issues with packing as that same pair of nice black slacks can be worn more than once during a sailing.

Visiting foreign ports:  That is exactly what makes cruising so exciting.  A new destination almost daily!  Never had we felt concerned for our safety, even when in Mazatlan walking by the armed guards. 

Passports:  While the cruises in the Caribbean Basin do not require Passports, my stance is that they are a great idea.  The convenience outweighs the cost.  And, imagine the peace of mind knowing that you do have them just in case there is a need to fly home from a foreign country.  A birth certificate would not get you through customs and immigration.

Those are my arguments in response to the comments we get from people who don’t think they want to embark on any cruise.  And, I am happy to chat more regarding any other concerns they might have.

In the meantime, counting down until our next Disney Cruise Line vacation.


  1. We are almost to our 30 day mark. Getting really excited now.

    1. Michael,
      Congratulations! Oh, I am excited for you! Enjoy the anticipation!