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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Our GardenGrocer.com Order Has Been Placed For Our Upcoming Trip to Walt Disney World!

What does a long stay at Walt Disney World plus baggage fees and weight limitations equal?  A GardenGrocer.com grocery order!  GardenGrrocer.com is an on-line store that allows guests to order various groceries and have them delivered to their Walt Disney World Resort (except the Swan and Dolphin).  Ordering is fast, convenient, and the service rivals Disney’s.

We placed our GardenGrocer.com order yesterday for our upcoming trip.  Since we have used GardenGrocer before, I just logged into my account with an email and password.  If you are a first time customer, create an account with an email address and password.  I then put items in the cart, just like I would at a brick and mortar grocery store.  

The prices are a bit higher than I would normally see (or spend) at local grocery stores but not outrageous.  And, by having the items delivered we will save money by not purchasing at even higher prices at our Disney resort.  

There is a $14 delivery charge for orders between $40 and $200—the minimum order is $40 and orders over $200 are charged $2 for delivery.  Sales tax is also added and there is an opportunity to add a trip or gratuity that is divided into thirds for the three people who handle your order.

When checking out, you get to select your Walt Disney World Resort and then the site pre-populates the address and phone number for your resort—pretty smart!  Next is the selection of a delivery time.  Two hour delivery windows are available starting with 2:00-4:00 pm.  (The last time we used GardenGrocer.com earlier delivery times were available as we were coming off the ship and were at our resort by 10:00 am and our items had already been delivered.)  Click here to read about our previous experience with GardenGrocer.com.

Paying was also easy with choices of credit card, PayPal, or print and phone which means the guest would call to place the order if they were uncomfortable shopping on-line.

I got an email confirming the order AND a phone call!  The phone call confirmed the order, explained that I would receive a text message when the items were delivered at the resort, that we did not need to be present for the delivery, that the resort would hold (and refrigerate if necessary) the delivery at Bell Services,  until we picked them up or had them delivered to our room.

There are a limited number of delivery slots per day available and the GardenGrocer.com web-site indicates how many delivery slots are available for each day.  That is part of the reason we placed our order even though we are still weeks away from our trip—I didn’t want to wait too long and not have a delivery available for our arrival day.  If that happened, you could always choose a different delivery date for later in your trip.

Our order consisted of sunscreen—both lotion and spray.  Reason being that these items cannot be packed in our carry-on luggage and since we plan on going to a water park first thing (before our checked luggage gets delivered to our room) I wanted sunscreen available.  And, while I plan on packing some, it will be nice to have extra on hand for our 12 day stay.

Mountain Dew—twelve 20 ounces bottles to be exact—was also in our “cart.”  This is the husband’s favorite flavor of soda and since Disney is a Coke only consumer, Mountain Dew cannot be found on property.  I have packed bottles before—one for each day of our trip—but since we are staying longer I was concerned about baggage weight limits.  It was easier to order the Mountain Dew for delivery.  He will put the bottles in the refrigerator in our resort room and each morning enjoy his caffeine fix and flaunt it in front of other guests at the bus stop.

Fresh pears, 100% orange juice boxes, applesauce, and plastic spoons round out the rest of our order.  As you can tell, the items are mostly for breakfast or snack consumption.  I already have various bars, PopTarts, and cereal (which we prefer to eat dry) packed for the trip.  These are lightweight and will give us more room in our luggage for the trip home after consumption.

When I told the boy about our order, he inquired about peaches.  I told him I would pack some in my shoulder bag as they are our summer travel go to fruit (and clementines in the winter).  We love to indulge with a juicy peach while on a flight or at the airport leaving other travelers to wonder why they didn’t think of that.

I can check GardenGrocer off the pre-trip “to do” list.  Oh, and the moleskin as I purchased it at the store the other day.  The misting spray/fan bottle is still hiding as is the husband’s glasses strap and waterproof watch (which he had for December’s trip). 

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