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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Friday, June 21, 2013

Quarter Million Hits For Williams Family Blog

The Williams Family Blog hit a milestone sometime yesterday—a quarter of a million hits on the site.  I am humbled and grateful, but not surprised.

Through comments on the blog or in person, I know the site has helped people. . . either plan a vacation, or build excitement for their next vacation, or overcome the post trip blues.  And, that is exactly what it was intended to do—help people. 

Here are the questions I get asked most frequently about the blog or hosting a blog, including a conversation I had yesterday morning with work colleagues:

Are you surprised by the blog traffic?  At first it was surreal that others would be reading what I wrote, but that is the intent, so no, not surprised.  Others are finding our information helpful and linking the Williams Family Blog on their own web-sites or message boards.  Obviously, word is out.

Why?  Well if the question is “why do I write” the answer is because it gets the words out of my head and onto “paper” so to speak.  Writing gives clarity.  If the question is “why a blog” the answer is because it was an easy, fast, and efficient way to get information “out there.”  If the question is “why write the Williams Family Blog” the answer would be to inform people the way I want to be informed.  If I am going somewhere new, vast, expensive, unfamiliar then I want to be armed with the most recent and up to date information that will allow me to have the best experience.  I write to be informative and helpful.

Is it mostly Disney stuff?  Yes. . . but, we also do features on local swimming pools and water parks.  When I bump into “locals” they say that the information is most helpful, especially now that summer is upon us.  The rest is some tidbits about our family and then mostly Disney and Disney Cruise Line.  There are some posts about Universal, SeaWorld, etc.

Do you have a life? (this question was asked just yesterday)  I am going to translate into asking about time.  Yes!  I write early in the morning and most of the time, wake up with words in my head ready to go on paper.  For example, I knew this post would be coming as I was keeping an eye on the stats, so it was already percolating.  Add that to the conversations I have with people and then mix. . .  I work full time, am a wife and mom, volunteer for community activities, teach coupon classes, and plan family vacations.  Yes, I have a rich and full life. . . that I, hopefully, bring to the writing!

Where do the ideas for posts come from?  Well, mostly from our experiences.  The husband also chimes in with “you could write about that” or “that could be for the blog” and I appreciate his thinking and planning. . . that manifests into me “doing”!  Williams Family Blog readers have also contributed ideas or asked questions that prompted posts.  I also troll Disney themed message boards and get ideas for posts when I see various questions—that’s where the idea for the Disney misconceptions post came from—click here to read more.  Typically, I don’t have trouble coming up with ideas for posts.  The next 2-3 posts are already in my head, waiting to come to life on the screen.

What’s next?  Great question!  Some folks have mentioned a book, which seems daunting to me and the fact that Disney changes at such a pace, even seasoned publishers have a difficult time keeping up.  An e-book was also suggested.  Then there’s the elusive Disney Mom’s Panel. . .

Any final words?  Thank you!  Thank you to my family who gives ideas, suggestions, and feedback, who wait to talk to me in the morning until after I am finished writing,  wait for the computer until I am done, and who are willing to embark on so many adventures.  Thank you to the readers, followers, and commentors—you make the words come alive!  Thank you to Walter Elias Disney for creating the magic and vision that makes dreams come true.  I am so grateful to have the opportunity to experience all of the things we have been able to experience.  Thank you!

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