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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Garden Grocer.com Was a Hit!

During our July, 2011, summer vacation trip, we used Gardengrocer.com for the very first time and had groceries delivered and waiting for us at our Walt Disney World Resort.

Our order, which met the $40 minimum, included a Mountain Dew—for the husband to drink as Disney is a Coco-Cola only domain, fresh pears, fruit snacks, orange juice boxes, granola bars, cereal bars, fruit snacks, and a bottle of sunscreen.  I placed the order prior to use leaving for our trip—click here to read more.

Well, we were more than impressed with the service, the quality, and the convenience of having these items waiting for us at the resort up on check-in.

I mentioned at the check-in desk that we had a Gardengrocer.com order and had the confirmation e-mail printed and in my folder with other important papers.  They checked and said the delivery was already at the resort.  We picked it up at luggage services along with our luggage that was being delivered to our room.  They even had it in the refrigerator keeping the fresh items cold!

And, talk about follow-up after the sale!  We received e-mails, text messages, and phone calls on our cell making sure everything had been delivered, was the quality we had expected, and, in general, ensuring that we were satisfied.  We were!

The Gardengrocer.com website is easy to use and navigate.  If I were going to use them, I would again do my browsing and “adding to my cart” before making the actual purchase, just in case I forgot something—this can be done over the course of several visits to the web-site.

While I usually pack the items we ordered, our trip plans in July included a cruise on the Disney Dream before our stay at the Walt Disney World Resort and luggage space was tight.  I also, didn’t want to lug around Mountain Dew for several days before landing at our resort—we picked up enough bottles at Orlando International when we got off the plane to get him through our cruise.  Next time, I might even weigh (no pun intended) the cost of checking luggage vs. making an on-line purchase with Gardengrocer.com.  Could we check fewer bags and make up the difference with a grocery delivery?  Which would be more cost effective?  (Things I think about!)

If we do need to make another order, Gardengrocer.com will be our go-to grocery delivery service.  Two thumbs up!

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