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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our First Garden Grocer.com Order

Our 8th visit to Walt Disney World is getting closer and even though we have the Basic Dining Plan--click here to read more about Disney Dining Plans, we still want some snacks and beverages in our resort room for breakfasts or snacks on the run.  We usually pack these items and take them with, but since our vacation includes a cruise on the Disney Dream before our Walt Disney World stay, luggage space is at a premium.  Garden Grocer.com to the rescue!

We placed our first order with Garden Grocer.com and it was EASY!  I created an on-line account using our e-mail address and my own password.  This allowed me to shop on-line and place items in “my cart.”  (Print and fax orders are also accepted—just check out the details on the web-site.)

I had actually done some shopping prior by finding items that we might like and adding them to my “favorites” on the on-line account.  This made the actual shopping easy, as I added the favorites to my cart.

There is a minimum of a $40 purchase, a $12 delivery fee, a temporary $1.99 fuel surcharge added to each order until the price of gas returns to less than three dollars per gallon, and an optional gratuity to add to the order. 

Our delivery will include sunscreen, Mountain Dew—for the husband, cereal bars, Minute Maid orange juice boxes, granola bars, fresh pears, and Toy Story and Finding Nemo fruit snacks.  Our total before the additional charges came to $40.02—not bad for having to hit a $40 minimum.  Our total after delivery, fuel surcharge, sales tax, and gratuity ($9) was $65.81. 

We were able to designate date and place of delivery.  All of the Disney Resorts show up in a pull down menu and the address of the resort, once selected, was automatically filled in on the order and delivery screen.  We also selected the time of delivery and there is a text box to include any special directions.  I included that we were taking Disney transfers from Port Canaveral to our resort in the special directions section.

You can use a credit card or PayPal to complete your purchase.  We were able to print a copy of our order after payment and a follow-up e-mail was received with confirmation and another option to print the order.

Ordering was fast and easy.  Now, we’ll see how the delivery goes once we get to our resort.  The impression right now is that Garden Grocer.com will be an incredible convenience.

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