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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How Do You Get Your Mickey On?

Williams Family Blog reader Michael gets his Mickey on wearing his socks

How do you get your Mickey on?  Williams Family Blog reader Michael gets his Mickey on with his socks as shown in the photo above. 

I get my Mickey on with earrings and a watch.  I also have several necklaces and scarves.  If it is winter, my Mickey is on my gloves.  And, a bag I typically carry every day also helps me get my Mickey on.  Then there’s my iPad cover. . .  The list could go on and on.

Disney fans have a tendency to show how they feel about the icon by donning some sort of apparel or accessory.  I know someone who has Mickey tennis shoes!

The rest of the Williams family will sport Disney shirts of some sort every once in a while.  The boy has some Disney themed pajamas.   And I noticed the husband using a Nemo beach towel when he went to the local pool the other day.

If you were in our kitchen you might discover that we get our Mickey on there as well with our salt and pepper shakers in the shape of Mickey and Minnie (they were gifts), the soap dispenser (also a gift), various utensils such as measuring cups, glasses, spatula, and ice cream scoop.  I do have a Mickey apron, too.  But the silverware drawer is my favorite as it contains Mickey silverware.  The iconic 3 circles are found in the handle of each fork, spoon, and knife.

When we travel in a few weeks, we will get our Mickey on with our luggage.  There will be no doubt as to where we are headed!

Someone once asked me if our house was Disney themed and I told them “no.”  Our whole house isn’t Disney themed, but there are sprinkles of Disney throughout with accessories and art work.

So, how do you get your Mickey on?

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